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June 10th 2012 5:30 am

What are the surprises we can expect at the Apple WWDC ?

We can be sure that Apple will unveil the iOS6. The question is whether it will give us enough hints and indications on the new features to be expected in the iPhone 5 to be launched in Aug / Sept ?

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If you expect it, it's not really a surprise, is it?

I really hope there ARE some surprises, given the tendency lately for everything to be "expected" by the time the keynote starts.
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There has been a bunch of rumors about new Mac hardware, like MacBooks with Retina displays and new Mac Pros, but have they ever announced this many products in one keynote before? IIRC, they always have separate keynotes for Macs, iPhone, iPad, etc...so it would be odd for them to jam pack this with a bunch of product lines.
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Dear Cass, Now that the WWDC is over and the cat is out of the bag. I must say that some of your comments were dot on the mark.
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There will be 4g network feature in the new iPhone as well as better Battery backup. A wider screen is als expected for the iPhone 5. I have no idea for the exact release date but here are some latest clues.


Incase anyone want to check out full features list


The latest release date is 21 sep according to the chinese source. Hope this will be true!
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