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September 4th 2013 2:49 pm

What are your favorite gadgets right now?

It's been awhile! Let's talk about your favorite gadgets that you're using right now. Here's my list -- it's not necessarily the latest and greatest, but this is what helps me get through the day.

1. iPhone 5 - Yeah, yeah. A new edition is coming out soon with a new coat of paint and an oil change. But this thing is critical for me being connected each day. I'm sure if I was using a different phone, it'd also be at the top of this list. Think about it, you basically have a computer in your pants.

2. RX100M2 - My favorite point & shoot camera. It's basically good enough that it's replaced my DSLR. I seriously can't remember the last time I used it. I took the original RX100 with me on a vacation to Europe and didn't think twice. Plus, it shoots RAW, has some pretty awesome low light capabilities, and just generally rocks.

3. Fitbit Ultra - It's old and trusty. And mine is looking a bit worse for the wear, but I love seeing my activity each day (and comparing it amongst my friends). I have something like 10 million+ total steps. Once this thing dies, I'll get the Fitbit One just like that.

4. Kindle Paperwhite - It's the ebook reader I've long waited for. Built in backlight is huge for me (I do a lot of reading before bed), touchscreen is awesome, super portable, and a battery that won't quit. I take it with me whenever I travel.


What's in your pocket, bag, or on your desk that you're particularly fond of right now?

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Staying on the Sony point-and-shoot kick, I love my RX100. I sold my T2I so I could pick this up and I haven't looked back. Between the size and level of controls, there is no better compact shooter. I took this shot in Seattle over the weekend and it wasn't until I got home I noticed just how blue the sky was www.flickr.com­/photos­/22899086@N06­/9659067860­/in­/s...

Withings Pulse: I seriously think this guy can outdo FitBit in every way. The only place it loses out is on the friendship piece.

Nest Thermostat (2nd-gen): it's so simple but I love looking at it.
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Nice shot! One thing I don't like is the panorama mode on the RX100. I just can't get it right. I usually bust out my iPhone for those sorts of shots.
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That panorama mode is infuriating. Too slow! Too fast!
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Looks good! Shame I couldn't make it down to seattle this year.

I seriously need to consider this camera though
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I am yet to see someone say they hate it.
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I picked up the RX100M2 a few weeks ago myself. I LOVE it.

The last few years I've mostly used a Canon S90, and I upgraded to the S100 when it came out. There's simply no comparison. The quality from the Sony is mind-boggling given how small it is, and the fact that I can shoot at 10FPS allows me to get amazing action shots of my dog like this:


When he's not on the fly it takes even better shots:


I'm also in love with my new Nokia (Microsoft) Lumia 1020:

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Great photos of your puppy! I see you also subscribe to a modified version of my patented camera testing technique: "Feline Camera Calibration System."

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Pebble. I use it with an iPhone 5 and it's subtle and useful. Meetings go smoother when i can glance at a watch bec of a notification rather than pulling out my phone. Controlling music on Airplay is great while doing chores, I haven't missed a phone call in months and the battery life is phenomenal. I got it on Kickstarter but at $150, I can't see why anyone would want a different watch. Finally wrist tech is useful again.
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The more I use my Pebble the more I love it, especially as a trusted device with my Droid Maxx. As a trusted device the phone stays unlocked when it's in range and connected to the Pebble.
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Your shots from the RX100 have caused me to put the RX100M2 on my list. Did you update to the M2?
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Yeah! I sold the original and upgraded earlier this summer for the better low light capabilities. The hot shoe and wireless features on the M2 didn't really factor into the purchase for me (plus, I already use an Eye-Fi card). Regardless the RX100 / RX100M2 are such a great cameras.
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The Droid Maxx. I hate the Droid branding but love the phone. Active notifications, trusted Bluetooth devices, solid build quality, beautiful styling, and a battery that lasts FOREVER make up for the unfortunate Droid dreck and some (most of it can be disabled) crapware.

Ideally every new phone one owns is the best phone they've ever had, but this Motorola Maxx blows the Galaxy Nexus it retired away. It feels more like when I switched from Blackberry to Android than an incremental upgrade.
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1. Galaxy Note II (Verizon): Like most others, my phone is the top of my list. I think over time I have decided I liked the smaller size of the Photon it replaced better, but it is nice to no longer need a tablet. Despite a few minor quirks, it is a great phone and gets great battery life. I usually unplug it at 7:15am and it goes until I go to bed between 2am and 3am... so it only gets 4 to 5 hours to charge, but that is plenty.

2. LG Tone: This bluetooth headset has made life so much easier in my line of work. I constantly have one earpiece in so I can listen to podcasts as I am bustling about campus between troubleshooting. Having media controls means I rarely have to take the giant phone out of my cargo pocket to play and pause. This has been the best investment I have made in my digital lifestyle since getting my first cellphone.

3. Nintendo 3DS XL: I just can't get into playing Android games on my phone, especially since it drains the battery, so this gadget lets me play games on my lunch break, which, in my line of work, is much needed stress relief.

4. Sony Playstation 2: I just bought my first PS2 a little over a month ago used and am wondering what took me so long. Being able to play classic PS1 RPGs in addition to the many great ones for the PS2 makes me wonder why I would ever need another console.

Despite those minor bright points in my gadget life, my motto remains... everything sucks and nothing works. It's hard to have any other attitude when you work in IT. :/
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1. MacBook Air 13" (mid 2012) - Basically the perfect computer! It's thin, light, well-built, fast, has a great touchpad/keyboard, and the battery lasts a ridiculously long time (and this isn't even the 2013 model!).


2. Nikon D7000 - I don't have a cool, pocketable RX100 like most of the guys here, but I still carry my D7000 everywhere I go - paired with Nikon's 35mm f/1.8 prime, it's small and light enough; the images (particularly ones taken in low-light) are top notch. The magnesium alloy weather sealed body is incredibly well-built, the battery life is phenomenal, and I can get to controls instantly via the multitude of dials and buttons.


3. Nexus 4 - I've switched back and forth between iPhones and Android phones tons of times in the past. Every time, it would end with an incredibly frustrated me simply dying to jump back on the iPhone train. I've had the N4 for almost a year now, and I have to say, I'm pretty hesitant to go back to the iPhone side of things at this point. It simply feels like I can do more, more efficiently, with this phone, the interface has been greatly improved since the Android 2.x days, and the larger screen is just more comfortable to look at. I still carry an old iPhone 4 for certain basic functions in my other pocket, but the N4 has definitely grown into the "main device" position.


4 iPod Classic 80GB - Sometimes, it's just nice to have all your music offline on one device. The battery lasts ages too.


5. Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 64 GB - It's big, fast, and durable. Doesn't get much better than this for flash drives.

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I'm still a big fan of my Fitbit One. I was a little leery that it would loose it's luster after a while, but I'm still into it in a big way. On the other hand, tracking my sleep... not so much.
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Yeah, the sleep stuff I don't find that valuable for my own uses. Plus I have to remember to set it, which never happens. It's a bit disconcerting to see that I apparently woke up "37 times last night" but otherwise feel fine this morning. Maybe if they gamified that as well: "Haha, I slept most amongst my friends this week!" ;)
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My favorite gadget is Samsung GALAXY S4, which gets big and Full HD display, delivering vibrant colors, fast. iPhone 5 is good, though, the screen is a bit smaller, and I love the large display devices.
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