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February 6th 2014 1:39 pm

What are your favorite products funded by Kickstarter?

These days, it's almost a cliché to launch a new gadget, game, movie, or other product via Kickstarter (or Indiegogo), but for many people it works.

I've picked up a few products from Kickstarter and been pretty happy with them.

Olloclip: https:­/­/www.kickstarter.com­/projects­/patricko­/ollo...

I've had this for both the iPhone 4 and now iPhone 5 and have really loved it for taking wide angle photos (and fisheye photos). The fisheye camera is particularly great for movies.

Zendure Battery Pack: https:­/­/www.kickstarter.com­/projects­/625327275­/ext...

I have a problem. If my phone's battery gets below 90% charge, I start to freak out and thing of all sorts of horrible scenarios about being without power. (What if there's an earthquake? What if I suddenly get invited to a happy hour and get kidnapped? What if I run out of battery power and I can't check in on Foursquare?!!?) I throw this thing in my bag and I have a nearly limitless amount of power.

The Temperfect Mug: https:­/­/www.kickstarter.com­/projects­/deandavidv­/th...

I haven't received this yet, but it's the third project I've ever backed on Kickstarter. It's an insulated coffee mug that allegedly keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours. What?! Count me in for anything that helps increase my coffee consumption.

What are your favorite projects that you've backed via Kickstarter?

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I'm a big KickStarter buff. I've backed quite a few projects, but most of them are board games.

Though I did not back it as a KickStarter, I cannot live without my Pebble smartwatch (http://goo.gl/2zYTzU).

Another (still haven't seen it though since it's still funding) is the Kaki King: The Neck is a Bridge to the Body (http://goo.gl/l8NLi2), an hour-long visual and live music performance where the guitar is used as a projection screen to tell a creation story.

A project still being released episode by episode, The Cyanide & Happiness Show (http://goo.gl/SJfo90), is fantastic! Loved everything out so far.

Query (http://goo.gl/OVVCEx) looks like a really fun board game based on Google's often ridiculous autocomplete suggestions. It's still funding, so you could get in on the action, which I hope people do to help unlock those really cool stretch goals. :D

And there are plenty of other board games, but don't want to just make a long list of board games. :P
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I have backed a few projects on Kickstarter. I have not been disappointed in any of them so far. I believe that the trick is to never back a project that you couldn't stand to see fail (let alone deliver late).

This is my Kickstarter list.OBDLink MX WiFi: A Wireless Gateway to Vehicle OBD Networks - My current OBDII system requires a PC and a wire. The software I use is heavily DRM'd. I want something simpler, and this fits the bill. It's cheap compared to the alternatives as well.
ROCKI Wifi Music System, From Every Phone, To All Speakers. I'm tired of the bluetooth limitations on sound systems. Hopefully this will solve those issues.
PowerUp 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane. A fun project for my twin boys.

MiiPC - Power to the Parents! - Full Android on the TV with good expandability. Very mobile as well. Runs Plex app so we can watch movies from my server and Netflix while on road trips.
The Veronica Mars Movie Project - I liked the VM show, and wanted to see how this project developed. It has been a fun ride, and I will soon have a DRM free copy of the movie.
OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console - Excited to see this develop and ship. Not yet a huge game changer, but fun to play and hack.

Atlas: A Human-Powered Helicopter for a Historical First! - Fun to watch this project "get off the ground". These people did a great job.
HAND Stylus - My mother uses this every day on her Nexus 10. She loves it.
Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android - I use it extensively ever day. I work in a loud environment and have a lot of meetings and phone calls. Pebble makes sure I am notified of every single one of them. I am better at my job because of this device.
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I've had a lot of great success stories on Kickstarter. My favorites include:
triHOLD - I love this wallet, it's perfect for me
SNUG - keep your utensils from melting!
BladeKey - key organizer, it's simple and effective
Food Huggers - store half chopped veggies and fruit easier

These have also proven to be fun and useful to me: AIRbudz, Smart Herb Garden, the Handleband and the Bradley Watch.

Projects I bought after their Kickstarter debut: FTL game and the Pebble

I'm also really excited to receive my Almond+ router.

I like supporting ideas coming to life but that's not to say I haven't had my own disappointments. I've backed 30 projects and have only listed 9 in this post. Some projects have been alright but haven't blown me away or aren't being used anymore. Some have been disappointments that I feel that I've wasted my money on. And one has been considered a scam by most of the backers at this point. Lately the Kickstarter market seems to have been flooded by the hype and not as exciting as before. My earlier projects were always kept up-to-date with posts and their time estimates were actually met and reasonable. That does not seem to be the case anymore.
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Oh the Handleband looks amazing! Wish I knew about it back then!
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I have not had anything happen via Kickstarter that has blown me away. I'm eagerly awaiting my BRUER though and am hoping to replace my Toddy with it.

The most exciting things I've backed was a documentary about Bob Mould and Salad Days (DC Punk documentary).
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Yeah Pebble definitely is a perfect example of a success story.
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I have only funded two projects on Kickstarter, and I was familiar with both before they went on Kickstarter.

I helped fund the music career of Angie Johnson from The Voice and our Military. She reached her goal of $30K and released an EP.

I also helped fund the Tornado Chasers video series by Reed Timmer from the Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers show. They needed to raise $100K and reached it + added stretch goals to over $130K. I just got done watching the shows from last season and can safely say it was money well spent for everyone.
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Kickstarter really needs to setup up some better post target rules for projects. It's blatantly apparent that most of them have no concept of project management or investor relations.
Far too often the projects are so very very keen in the build up to getting the target, daily updates, blah blah blah. But then once the deadline hits and the target is met...


Often backers are left with no information or updates often for weeks at a time. The projects need to realise that to keep backers happy they just need to post regular updates. It doesnt mateer if something has gone wrong or a delay is going to happen. Backers just want to know where they stand. Its very rare a project goes totally to plan so just be honest and keep people informed. It shows integrity and honesty is nothing else.

If not it looks like you just ran off with the cash...
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Power up 3.0
Dino Pet
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Pressy looks cool, but I can never seem to convince myself that I need one. Maybe it's one of those things that you need to buy to realize just how necessary it is?
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I think there are a lot of practical applications for it, but at this point so much of what you'd is likely enabled already. I think it'd be a matter of ease of use right now. Is it faster to tap the button three times or is it quicker to hit the power button and swipe up the camera icon?

I forgot I ordered it and I no longer have my S3 so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it right now. I'll probably hold onto it with hope they might get something going on iOS but I doubt it.
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Very unlikely. The iOS API's don't really allow for this kind of product.
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I have backed seven projects on Kickstarter.
This is my Kickstarter list:
  • Pluggy Lock - Twist and GO!
It enables you to anchor your device easily wherever you want thanks to the headphone hole. For all smartphones and tablets.
  • Fluux LiquiMetal - A Color Shifting Ferrofluid Suspension
A ferrofluid suspension that blends science, art and design into one high quality interactive display.
  • Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
  • ChargeCard for iPhone and Android
ChargeCard is a USB cable that's thin enough to fit easily into your wallet, purse or pocket.
  • JUMP Cable
The simplest ideas are the best: Cable + Battery + Intelligent Circuitry = JUMP. The first charging solution that fits your lifestyle.
  • Zipi: magnetic earbud strap
Zipi makes your earbuds simply disappear into the background when they are not needed.
  • Neutron S for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows
Anodized aluminum and magnetically shielded mount / dock for all of your mobile devices.
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If you are into interior or graphic design, check out my product, the Nix Color Sensor. It's like the photoshop eyedropper in real life! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.



Matthew Sheridan
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OMG I funded the original Kickstarter campaign, now it's on Indiegogo at igg.me­/at­/nixsensor/ I wish the team well with this awesome product and I can't wait to get mine!
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