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August 19th 2014 12:52 pm

What are your favorite weird or obscure cable channels?


Last week, our own Zach Honig spotlighted some of the weirder and more obscure cable channels that cable subscribers might find while channel surfing, including One America News Network and the American Heroes Channel. While I don't find every single channel on the list to be strange or redundant -- I happen to enjoy watching concerts on Palladia, for one thing -- it got me thinking about the oddities I've come across.
  • Cozi - They show reruns of old shows from the '50s through the '80s, like The Dick Van Dyke Show, Hart to Hart and Knight Rider. Isn't most of this stuff on Netflix? (It is.) But my parents and my friends' parents watch Cozi regularly. However, I know my parents also watch Netflix (because we share an account). I guess there's a simple joy in turning on the TV and just watching whatever, instead of worrying about the paralysis of too many choices.
  • ONE World Sports - They show badminton. And table tennis. And cricket. And holy crap, is that Japanese baseball! Yesssssssssss.
  • Palladia - Actually, I don't think this channel's weird. I'm just gonna say I like Palladia because I enjoy watching concert films and music documentaries, since MTV and VH1 would rather show crappy teen reality shows rather than music. (And I can just go to YouTube for videos now, though discoverability isn't great.)
If you still have cable, what channels do you watch regularly? Do you enjoy channel surfing to find random things to watch? What have you discovered?

(Cord cutters need not apply.)

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One of my favorite off the beaten path channels is AXS Tv they are a lot like palladia and show live concerts in real time and older concerts Ive even won a autographed Heart DVD set from them between AXS and Palladia My music is covered
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Palladia is totally what would happen if MTV still stood for Music Television. Glad to have it on my FiOS rotation.

I wish I still had ESPN Classic. That was a great channel, and I have watched it since it was Classic Sports and owned by MSG. Unfortunately, FiOS changed their packages and it's no longer in my pay tier. Sad!

Other than that, I'd go with WLNY-55, which I know it technically not a cable channel, but I don't get it on my antenna so I'll lump it in here. It's the only place I can watch "Beer Geeks" at 1am on a Saturday.

And I'll mention Hub Network. Outside of My Little Pony, they show some of the most eccentric list of showss on rerun. At random hours of the day you can go from ALF to Animaniacs to Sliders to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and back again.
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