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June 10th 2013 10:14 am

What are your WWDC 2013 Predictions

WWDC is just hours away, and there has been no shortage of rumors about what Apple has planned, especially for iOS. It seems like ever since the news broke about Scott Forstall leaving the company (1) and Jony Ive stepping in, there have been expectations of a major iOS redesign. This became even more clear when Apple updated their podcast app on iOS to a much more modern design (2). As the weeks and days have gone on more mockups and rumors kept swirling about a redesign, with even this years WWDC app showing a bit of a different approach. As of today, 9to5Mac reported they got early access to a beta of iOS7 and showed off what they feel the new default app icons will look like (9to5mac.com­/2013­/06­/09­/what­-ios7­-looks­-like/) based on their hands on with the iOS7 beta.

WWDC isn't always about software despite being a developers conference, as there is also hardware news that may come out. 9to5Mac managed to get hands on Apple SKUs for hardware they believe will be announced today (9to5mac.com­/2013­/06­/03­/leaked­-skus­-likely­-point­-to...). Some of the SKUs come with 'Better' and 'Best' titles attached to them which lead some to think they are new laptops, though it's still uncertain which will be refreshed. There was also a SKU with 'Good', 'Better', and 'Best' tied to it which indicates a piece of hardware with three options. It's unclear which this could be, and may even indicate a new hardware line.

Let's not forget the recent news that Apple has 'iRadio' ready to go and deals inked with some majors (3). Given the dominance by behemoths like Spotify, Apple will have to offer something different in the way this works. If we get to see it today it should be interesting to see how it stacks up especially considering Apple's recent track record with homegrown services like Passbook and Maps.

Even with as much information leaking out some pundits and insiders are left in the dark or are hoping for something beyond what is being shown. John Gruber, who often has a lot of insider knowledge, said in a recent post (4) that even he doesn't know what is going to be announced. Rene Ritchie at iMore had an interesting perspective about WWDC and iOS7 saying(5):

"When the iPhone launched in 2007 it had nothing in the way of feature parity with the Treo or BlackBerry that dominated in the day. It did something different. It offered something else instead. It leapt ahead, even as it left some very important things behind to do so.

That's what I'd like to see from iOS again. That leap forward. That something next."

I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone into consumer technology news who wasn't excited about WWDC today. Apple is getting ready to show off, supposedly, their first version of iOS under a new team. They also have hardware and new software on deck to show off, again supposedly.

Let's hear what you think is coming, even if it's a pie in the sky hope!

It's just a few hours away and Engadget will be there covering all of it (www.engadget.com­/2013­/06­/10­/apple­-wwdc­-2013­-livebl...).

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I am not going to predict anything, but I am going to say that I am more excited to see what Apple brings to the table this year because of iOS7

This should be the biggest design change to iOS since arguably the start of it, and the fact that Apple is now willing to move past sticking with 'what works' and try innovate again is good to see.
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I don't think Apple was ever stuck with 'what works' and not innovating when it came to iOS. I just think people look at Android and think that approach is what's the best way to make forward progress, when one could counter the argument by saying Google's rapid development leads to poorly implemented features. This is totally debatable though, and really comes down to your preference on what you want out of a company.
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A very good point. I didn't mean to say they haven't innovated at all. Advances in the area of iCloud, Siri, and Notification center all show that.

I should have worded my response more carefully to mean GUI innovation. We have been seeing basically the same app icons on the same springboard (or grid) for over 5 years, and it took a while before even custom wallpapers came in. The added extras (notification center, multitasking) have been well placed to not interfere with that springboard.

I don't expect we will see the springboard leave in iOS7, but the app design and the movement to a possible flat design, which is fresh and exciting
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Totally agree with you there and I didn't mean to come off harsh if I did. I just don't like the idea that design = innovation. I see it brought up way to often when debating the merits of iOS versus Android and the one positive of a 'stale' design is that things continue to flow and make sense. Android has 'innovated' with every iteration of Android and it just gets more and more confusing IMO (seriously, would you have known that you had to touch Wi-Fi to get more settings?).
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Not harsh at all :) I value the good discussion here. I hear you, the wifi thing took me a non-trivial time to figure out on my nexus 4.

Part of me is considering switching to an iPhone later this year if I like what I see in the new iOS. Of course I would test it out on my iPod touch.

Now that Canada brought in new legislation this week that we will have 2 year cell phone contracts (and upgrades, yay!) instead of the old 3 year model, we can get more phones more frequent.

Side point- I am also seeing the slight backlash with AT&T moving to 2 year (EDIT:) upgrades, and I have to chuckle a bit because we are happy to have that change. I guess it depends what direction you are coming from ;)
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I too am considering a switch pending what we see at WWDC. There are minor things I'd like (default app switching mainly) but could live without if need be.
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I don't think we'll ever see a change in default app switching from Apple. It would be amazing if we could see that though.
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Predictions are easy. The announcements won't meet the hyped up expectations. Apple fans will love everything. Fandroids and Samsung Astroturfers will declare Apple has lost their magic.
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