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December 25th 2013 11:30 am

What did you get under the tree? (or give?)

No matter what holiday you celebrate, it's likely that you or someone close to you scored big with a gadget under the tree. It could be grand as a trip to space on Virgin Galactic, or simple (and slightly frightening) as a Big Hugs Elmo Plush.

Personally, my joy this morning wasn't about what I got -- it was bringing my parents into the Internet-connected TV generation with a Roku 1. They're not at all "techie," but sitting with my Dad for a few minutes with the remote at hand, he got it together quickly. He quickly pulled up an old favorite on Netflix, For The Love of the Game that he didn't own but now can watch anytime he wants. It's not an expensive device (at $59), but my parents think I just bought them the whole world. It's the simple things like that which bring a smile to my face.

So, what about you? What did you get or give? Post in the forum below or if you linked to this from Facebook, pop your pictures in the comments.

By the way, Happy Holidays from the entire team at Engadget!

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Lumia 1520. Loving it!
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i got a brand spanking new macbook air 1.7ghz, 8gb ram, 512gb of ssd storage! and I'm loving it.
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I gave my dad a SodaStream, plus some syrups. We have to go back to their place today, so we'll find out soon whether he unpacked it yet and started using it. I hope so, I want some root beer!
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I didn't get anything for your Christmas. I live in Russia, we celebrate New Year and get presents then. Still hope for something great!
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