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November 20th 2009 12:09 pm

What do you think?

Well, now that you have Chrome OS -- and if you don't, just head here and grab it: gdgt.com­/google­/chrome­-os­/download/ -- what do you think?

I know it's super early on and we can look forward to a full year's worth of refinement before this is going to be released as a consumer product, but is this thing going to work? Will people really buy into Google's vision that you can run a computer with absolutely nothing other than a network connection and a single browser?

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can anyone help with my problem, it is as follows system specs:2.19ghz AMD athlon xp3200+ 704mb ram w/windowsxp pro sp2 !

using virtual box setup the same way as on win7 machine all i get is a login screen then logging in then a blue screen nothing else just sits there on blue screen never moves, the os works fine on my win7 machine, and would like to run on desktop with specs listed above please help!!!
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wow!!! its a web browser!!!
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Wow! What a brasen land-grab. Ok, for you youngins. Back in the 70's a new economic term was created for Japan's marketing scheem to steal electronics manufacturing from the US and many other countries. Worked quite well! It was called "Dumping". The idea was sell to the investers that you were going to manufacture at a loss for 2-3years but the result was in 2-3 years the competition would go bankrupt and leave you in control of the industry. This is a "Cloud Dumping" idea which, I must admit is well planned but illconceived. I am curious just how popular we are going to make it? It could be with time... I wont have a choice and have to adopt the Google world but in the meantime I am keenly vigilant about how Google is going to handle the comprimises. I have a gut feeling that addressbooks and China hackers aren't it's only problems and we will never learn more until they have sunk their hooks into enough people to (to coin a phrase) become "too big to fail". My how the early adopters are going to pay in the meantime. I think I will see if I can sandbox it on my OpenVMS... just to see what they are up to. Probably just a simple "too big to fail" marketing scheem, in which case I will just wish them well.

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