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June 10th 2013 1:45 pm

What do you think about Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks?

Apple has abandoned the big cats with its latest OS X release, naming it after the Mavericks beach in Northern California. Like most of Apple's desktop upgrades, OS X 10.9 Mavericks has a number of new features, a lot of which are under-the-hood updates designed to improve performance and responsiveness. However, there are some interesting user-facing updates that may make this a must-have upgrade.

Macs have supported multiple displays for a long time, but with pretty limited flexibility, and with some really frustrating issues, like a full-screen mode that would render one display in a dual-monitor setup useless. However, Mavericks changes all of that, letting you customize each display as needed. Dock or menu bars on more than one display? Yup. Better full-screen options? Yup. Airplay-connected HDTVs as displays? Heck, yeah. This could be reason enough to upgrade if you've got more than one display.

Tabbed Finder
Yeah, if you've used some third-party Finder replacements (Path Finder FTW!) this may not be anything new to you. But now it's native. If you've gotten used to tabs in your browsers, you'll get it immediately, and you'll never look back.

Google knows how limited folders are, which is why Gmail has eschewed them in favor of tags for years. Now Apple has finally brought this to a major OS, and you may slap your head and wonder why it's taken so long. Add as many tags as you want to a file, and you'll be able to find it later on with ease. No more wondering whether that project outline is in your "Outlines," "Projects" or "Work" folders. Just use all three tags and you'll always be able to find it.

Those are some of the marquee features. There's a lot more, including push notification that works with your iOS devices, updates to included apps like Safari and Calendar, and some new user interface tweaks that banish the late Steve Jobs' real-world influenced (that's "skeuomorphism" to you UI geeks) elements.

The preview version of Mavericks is available to developers now, and the OS will be released this fall. What do you think of Mavericks? If you're a Mac user, is it something you want, like, yesterday? If you're not, how do you think it compares to your OS?

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"Heck, yeah. This could be reason enough to upgrade if you've got more than one display."

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I haven't left Snow Leopard and I wasn't interested in upgrading to either of the Lions. However, this update seems like a big thing and I think I would definitely love to see how well this beast performs.

Side note: I read that people found some wallpapers just the right size for a retina 27" display in Mavericks and Apple did mention support for 4K (only mentioned in the context of Final Cut). Does this truly hint a retina 27" iMac in the next refresh? :D
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I am looking forward to system-wide Core Animation-enabled accelerated scrolling. I am a fan of smooth scrolling, like Craig Federighi himself.
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I'm most pumped for multi-display and tabbed finder. I like to use full screen apps, sometimes I think I'm the only one, and it's sad that I have a totally unutilized screen when in that mode. Tabbed finder is nice because I always have a crap ton of finder windows open.

Everything else, I don't think I'd use that often. Tagging sounds like a good idea, but it seems a bit tedious to keep on on it and on top of that, I never found search to be that great in finder. I'd be happy if they made search faster and more relevant because a lot of the time for me it's neither.
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How in the world do I enable docks on each screen? I use 3 screens and this was the feature I was most exited about. That and the individual status bars. I can't find out how to make it work! Help?
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Looks like an excellent update. I expect to get good use of the tabbed finder and tags. However, I am concerned that we can end up with a large list of tags and will need a way to keep those organized. I have seen my use of tags grow in Evernote.
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This sounds like one of those features you'll get either in a dot update (like 10.9.1) or in the next version of OS X (presumably 10.10). Lots of people will probably complain about the tags being handy until they get messy with the large number of tags. Then, they will add the option of having nested tags and maybe other features for tags.
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