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July 2nd 2013 3:56 pm

What do you think about Motorola's plans for the "X"?

An advertisement for Motorola's new phone was just uncovered by AdAge (adage.com­/article­/digital­/motorola­-debuts­-ad­-upcom...), and as promised by Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside in May, it is still set to be made in the USA.

But, there are a few interesting new bits. While there are no images of the actual phone, the advertisement touts the X as the "first smartphone you can design yourself." What does this mean to you? A wide range of colors, customizable faceplates and backplates, something entirely now?

According to AdAge, "The ad will be run as a full-page spread in the July 3 editions of The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post", so keep an eye out for it, and let us know what you think about Motorola's plans for their next smartphone below.

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going on a dreams chance

-choosing screen size 4.1"/4.7"/5.2" all 1080p
-choosing processor between snapdragon 400/600/800
-choosing battery size 1900/2600/3300/
-choosing back camera mp 5/8/13
-choosing accesories (case, belt clip case, screen protector etc..) applied or non applied
-choosing "lifeproof" dust,snow,water,shock resistant/proof
and last but not least
-choosing back cover nd trim color
total cost no more then 500$

thats what
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Like you mentioned, I'm going to guess that they'll let you pick your own colors and patterns. And if this is anything like how people customize their homescreen, I think it could get pretty ugly: https:­/­/plus.google.com­/communities­/10082158156582...

I'm thinking crazy here, but imagine if they let you spec out your own phone like you would with a computer!
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It would be interesting if thats the case. It would be liek the fiat of the phone industry. I think a lot of people would pay a bit extra for a phone customized to their style.

I always sort of wanted a phone done by colorware (www.colorware.com) but they just seemed too expensive to be worth it
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Sources are saying that it is different colors, engraving, and a custom wallpaper.

This makes Apple and Motorola to be the only manufacturer to engrave a phone from the factory

"Through a website, buyers will be able to select from a palette of different colors. One color can be used for the back case and another can be selected for the trim of the phone. Users will also be able to engrave a name or message on the back cover as well as upload a personal photo through the site to be used as the wallpaper on the phone's screen, according to people familiar with the rollout."

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Hardly warrants a full page ad. Kind of disappointing actually when you think about it. They had a chance to do something more than the obvious but they didn't. At a minimum, choose your own storage size would have gone a long away.
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Whatever it may mean, this is still a lame ad. Fire the marketing department, Moto.
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