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May 8th 2012 11:21 am

What do you think of Lenovo's latest desktops -- and desktop PCs overall?

Lenovo has announced a batch of new ThinkCentre desktops, ranging from the small-form-factor ThinkCentre M92P Tiny (guess mini was already taken!) to the full-size towers. The company has also announced a series of all-in-one desktops, including a model with an optional multi-touch display. It's a well-rounded lineup, but is there anything there to excite you? In recent years, desktop PCs have been eclipsed by tablets, ultrabooks, netbooks and other portable devices, and various pundits have declared the desktop dead. However, a recent article in the Guardian points out that desktops could end up being the most robust part of the PC market:

Is [growth in tablets] going to kill PCs? No, says [Forester analyst Frank] Gillett (and you knew that answer already – in general new technologies don't kill off old ones, they just slow them down). "Our casual estimate is that there will be 2bn PCs in use by 2016, despite growing tablet sales. That's because tablets only partially cannibalise PCs. Eventually tablets will slow laptop sales but increase sales of desktop PCs." Why? "Because many people, especially information workers, will still need conventional PCs for any intensely creative work at a desk that requires a large display or significant processing power."

There's definitely some truth to this; most businesses still buy cheaper, easier-to-maintain desktops for their rank-and-file employees (though the bosses get laptops), and, despite the rise of high-end gaming laptops and other powerful portables, comparably equipped desktops remain cheaper alternatives for consumers who want a high-performance computer.

So, what do you think? Is there a desktop in your future? And could it be one of Lenovo's new models?




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There will always be a desktop in my future. For raw processing power, desktops will remain the cost effective solution. They also remain (currently) the best solution for multi-monitor environments. Laptops are generally underpowered when it comes to 3D and graphics processing, although great strides have been made in the past few years. When work needs to get done, its easier and more efficient to be on a desktop. Although laptops are usable and portable, the generally low resolution single monitors are a hindrance.

I do like small form factor systems for media consumption and possible uses as a home theatre PC. These or an all-in-one would be fantastic for my parents or someone that doesn't necessarily need the power to create. The general consumer.

I realize I am basically restating the Guardian, but they basically hit it on the nose.
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My desktop messed up a few years back, but I still had two laptops at the time, so I didn't bother buying a new desktop. For awhile I though, really what do I need with a desktop, I'm not a gamer, I don't do anything requiring high end graphics or processing power, so I just didn't get a new desktop. Then about a year and a half ago one of my laptops started having hardware failures, it was time to replace it; by this time I had also purchased a netbook, which I used for most of my portable needs, so when I was searching for a new computer portability really didn't factor in. So I started looking at Desktops again, at the time, all I was really thinking was I need something with a bigger screen than this netbook to view webpages on when I'm at home, and this got me to thinking about my tv, so I ended up buying a computer with HDMI, and thus my first Home Theater PC was born. I had been using Roku for awhile, and while I still love it, well My PC is just too good to be ignored, it does every thing I need or want it too.

Since then my netbook, and my other laptop have pretty much been retired. I purchased a tablet and that's taken over completely for my portable needs, but my desktop PC gets used every single day. I've even tried Google TV, Boxee, the new Roku2, nothing compares to a Desktop. So while I thought it was done, it's back in a big way with me. Although my tablet is convent and mostly does everything I need on the go, I'm starting to want more from it as well, although I'm not sure I really want to go back to a Laptop or a Netbook, or even the new Ultra Portables, which is why I'm looking forward to windows 8 on tablets in the future.

But until these random gadgets can completely compete with a Desktop, the desktop computer will have a home in my house.
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