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October 3rd 2011 7:35 pm

What do you think of the iPhone 5?

Me, being an open source advocate, hate (I admit) Apple. But what do you guys think the iPhone 5 will be like? If Apple takes one step in the wrong direction, they could be falling to their doom...

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As the world's most valuable company, I think they have a little more leeway than "one step in the wrong direction" before anyone needs to start talking about their doom.

Personally I'm really excited for whatever we end up seeing tomorrow, be it a brand new iPhone or a more minor upgrade, or both.
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I don't see them falling to their doom.

Look back at the last few version of the iPhone people were saying they our of their minds not going 3G before they did and that really didn't seem to cause them much trouble.

I don't care so much about open or closed i am more concerned about the product doing what i need it to do or that its a good fit for the person using it.

as for the iPhone 5 i think it will be an interesting annoucement to say the least to see what apple comes out with software wise (the assitant/siri portion). Hardware wise it depends on if we see a 4S or a totaly new desing. if we get a new desing then im exicted if we get the 4S i won't reallly care all that much.
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I don't think Apple can do anything (iPhone-wise) that will cause them to "fall to their doom." They will make them and people will buy them no matter what.
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I think apple should stop at the iPhone 5 design, and just continue to make better firmware. I don't think it's a step in the wrong direction for apple
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