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March 18th 2012 3:15 pm

What do you think of the Nike+ FuelBand?

The Nike+ FuelBand may be harder to get than the third-generation iPad, but some early users are starting to share their thoughts. gdgt user jdelapena got his on March 7th, and according to his review, rather than provide a detailed count of calories burned or steps walked -- something other devices already do well -- the FuelBand is best thought of as something that "measures you as an individual, active or inactive." With its social features, the Fuelband is "a great motivational tool if you want to be more active and even if you already are. I love how it makes my everyday life a game."

What do you think of the FuelBand? Add your reviews, and watch for the FuelBand's gdgt score, which we'll add as soon as we have a critical mass of data bout it!


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Did you guys even try the FuelBand? Your review makes it seem like the FuelBand doesn't keep track or even tell you the calories or steps you are burning throughout the day. The device alone on the spot can tell you the calories you've burned, the steps you've taken, the time, as well as "Fuel" with consecutive presses of the button. NikeFuel itself is a motivational metric that Nike promotes to make the device work above just giving you plain data. In fact, because they all work on an accelerometer measuring movement without taking into account metabolic factors, the FuelBand, FitBit, and Up end up having the same inaccuracies.

I am glad gdgt came out with their score for the FuelBand, but I feel the product hasn't been truly looked into and needs to be re-reviewed.
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To add to this, you stated that the FitBit Ultra would be better for "tradition goals". Feature-wise, the only additional measuring that the FitBit Ultra offers is a web site based app for keeping track of food intake (which is technically outside of the direct device itself) and sleep tracking, if that's important to users.
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