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May 6th 2013 12:22 am

What do you think of the windows phone wedding ad?

This advertisement has getting a lot of play on primetime tv. If you haven't seen it you can find it here: www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=Z19vR1GldRI

I find it hilarious, and interesting for a few reasons

It shows pretty well no Windows Phone features. It is a straight up attack style ad. It actually shows features on other platforms that Windows phones lack. Easy NFC sharing? An assistant like Siri? You get none of that. Only 2 people at a wedding with over 100 guests have windows phones (Oh how accurate that may be)

It proposes that if you switch to windows phone the "fighting" would stop. However in pretty much every internet forum you always will see some disagreement, and a majority of people will always put down windows phone for lack of apps. People will always have preferences and the platform war will never stop.

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Microsoft has changed their marketing over the last few years to mostly be attacking ads. They can't seem to win people over anymore and they're doing whatever they possibly can to try to get some more customers. It's actually been turning me off Microsoft more and more even though I started off a strong Microsoft supporter with the push of all these Metro UI OS's..
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That was, uh, interesting. The funny thing is it combined every fanboism into one commercial. However at the end of the day this isn't terribly different from the new Samsung graduation ad which is basically just a straight up attack ad as well https:­/­/www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=DlXp41WwpOs
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Difference is Samsung have always been that low and even worse, remain that low even when they're the top selling company. Goes to show their lack of confidence in their products.
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That's a really good point.
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I think it's pretty funny... but someone pass the word to their crack team of marketing wizards that this commercial doesn't raise my interest in Windows Phone one iota. And while it is fun to make fun of fanboy wars, anyone who has been into video games for any length of time should know that fanboy wars won't end any sooner than console wars will.
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I think it's funny. It is engaging, and it makes people look at Windows Phone. I like it. It is equal opportunity, taking Samsung's anti-Apple commercials to the next level.
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I loved the ad for the sole purpose of being memorable. Its not like iPhone ads or Samsung ads; the ad wants to be different and windows phone is different (in terms of UI at least). Not the strongest argument but its better than a little girl in a rabbit onzy giggling at selfies in the iPhone ad.
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