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February 20th 2013 1:13 pm

What do you think the price on retail would be in the US

So yes I want....no need to have the HTC One. Only thing is I recently picked up the One X+ which I'm quite happy with, but that is another story. I'm think I will have to get this one off contract price. So I'm curious if anyone might have some info on what that price might be.

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You can probably use comparables on AT&T or Verizon for an idea. I'd venture to say in the $499-599 range. If you are going to do this I'd sell the X+ sooner rather than later though to get it sold before this drops.
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I would sell the One X+ but will need it until this comes out. The minute this drops then I'll sell it it.
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Probably going to be around $599 for the 32GB version - maybe even $649 depending on carrier (T-Mobile is tending to be more expensive for phones than the others lately).
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Looks like you were right!
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Hey Jason, how's it going? :-) As the others have said, it's a flagship phone, so expect pricing similar to the One X when it first came out. More details will come out next month.
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Hey Jason, any new word on this now? :o)
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Sprint and AT&T pricing points to $199.99 on a 2 year contract for the 32 GB version.
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