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July 18th 2014 1:12 pm

What do you want to know about the Destiny beta?

The Destiny beta is here for PS4 owners (Xbox One owners, you get it next week)! Our own Ben Gilbert has been spending a lot of time playing through the beta and finding out everything there is to know. Did you miss out on getting access to the beta and have some burning questions? Ask them below and we'll get Ben to drop some knowledge!

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I'm curious to know if beta players will be able to transfer their progress, rank, and weapons to the live game? If this doesn't happen, there really isn't any incentive to pre-order the game.

I love the game so far. Insane graphics and massive amounts of hours to be played. I've encountered a few AI's that are immune to my attacks. Not sure if that's a glitch or I ventured to the side of a map that's not tied to my current objective.
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What planets are you able to play on so far and how are they different from others? Or are they all home to derelict factories?
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