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April 22nd 2014 3:25 pm

What do you want to know about the Samsung Gear Fit?

The Samsung Gear Fit is the latest wearable that's aiming to be your new arm candy. For those of you who are fitness oriented, this smartwatch seems to check nearly all of the boxes. Engadget's senior mobile editor Brad Molen took a look at this beautiful device and found that looks can be deceiving.

Read Brad's review of the Gear Fit: www.engadget.com­/2014­/04­/21­/samsung­-gear­-fit­-revie...

After you take a moment to digest that, hit up the comments below and let him know if you have any specific questions. What do you want to know about the Samsung Gear Fit?

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The step counter problems have been well documented. Is the Fit any good as a runtracker(W/ app extensions perhaps)?
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The potential is certainly there, but the app extensions are very limited in number. I believe Strava is the only one that has any sort of Gear Fit compatibility, and I imagine that will change over time, but for right now you're not really able to keep good track of where or how fast you ran, and my unit didn't even compute the distance accurately enough to assess daily workout performance. Certainly hoping this improves in the future, but I have a strong feeling that it will go the way of the Galaxy Gear and we'll see a replacement later this year.
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Here's my question: I want to use the Gear Fit for running, and want to listen to music without hulling my huge galaxy note 2 with me - Is there anyway to load the songs on the Gear Fit, connect to a bluetooth headphone, and listen to music this way while I run???!?! All the while the Gear Fit tracks my running?!?! That would be da bomb.....
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Sadly, no. The Gear Fit doesn't actually have a way to store music on there, so the music controls on it are external -- nothing more than a remote control for your phone. So you'd have to connect your headphones to the phone and keep it with you while running.
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I see you guys did first impressions, review (basically you recommend not buying it) ; and now I see that you are running a Q&A... knowing the disadvantages and what it does well today - is it worth buying or not?
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I wouldn't pay $200 for it, no. At $100, maybe, but it's definitely not worth the money unless you really like the hardware itself and like showing it off.
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Is it possible to use the Fit heart monitor with the S-Health on a Samsung phone live rather than syncing it periodically?
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Not live, per se, but you can tell it to transfer any time you want. If you don't do it manually, it just automatically does it every 3 hours (or longer, depending on your preference).
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Thanks for the reply. A follow-up. When you sync the Fit to S health on the phone, is it a case that you either use one (Fit) or the other (phone) to gather your data, will it sync the heart readings perfectly with the S health on the phone, over laying over the data captured on the phone without erasing or doubling over?
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So I have had this device for over a week and it works just as good as my FitBit force does, steps are within a 100 steps everyday. That's accurate enough for what I do. For a first generation device I think its great. I think the hardware is great and has huge potential, but the apps friking suck!!!! I have it paired with my galaxy s4 and the only way I can see my exercise log in the app is to be logged in on the s health app. But nothing shows in the s health app and its all in the fitness with gear app. Its so confusing and they need to fix this software shinanigans.
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Can you sync it with original s health that comes with note3 instead of the program of fit?
Can't seem to make it work
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