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July 10th 2014 4:35 pm

What do you want to know about the Sony RX100 III?

Engadget's review of the Sony's latest pocketable camera, the RX100 III, is going live soon! Zach Honig has been working hard to figure out what's great about this camera and not so great. Does it live up to the lofty reputation of its predecessors? We'll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, if there's anything you want to know about this camera beforehand, ask us below! We'll get Zach to pop in and dish some inside scoop. And, don't forget to add the camera to your want lists to keep up with the latest discussions about this device.

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How usuable is that EVF especially compared to Sony's FDAEV1MK? I imagine it's obviously not as sharp, but still would you find yourself using it while shooting more often than not?
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Hey RobotTurkey. So, the RX100's viewfinder is fixed... you can't tilt it up as you can with the RX1 add-on. It's much more convenient to have the pop-up design, though, rather than an accessory that you have to carry around. If you've gotten used to the flexibility of the FDAEV1MK, you might not love this.
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Is the MkIII worth paying roughly double over what I would pay for the original?
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Good question! The original RX100 is still a fantastic camera. If you can find one for $400, I'd say that's a better buy than the III at $800. The latest model has quite a few advantages though: EVF, better lens (f/1.8-2.8), WiFi, flip-up LCD, XAVC S video. If you don't need any of that, get the original.
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Although I own a Mark 2, I hear that the low light sensitivity is significantly improved over the mark 1. I believe Mark 3 has the same sensor as the Mark 2. In everyday use, the low light sensitivity is unbelievable. in my opinion, this would be a reason to get a mark 2 or 3 over the 1.
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Can i use the clickless ring as a manual focus alternative, outside of video mode? I like adjusting focus manually.
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