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September 9th 2013 6:01 pm

What does Apple need to do tomorrow for the iPhone 5S announcement?

"The iPhone 5 keynote last year was so dull..."
"Ho hum, new colors rumored for this iPhone 5C..."
"iOS 7 looks like a Fisher Price toy..."
"Apple Maps are still borked!"

We've heard variations of the above comments over and over, but it's almost time. Tomorrow, Apple will finally unveil their new iPhone(s) and iOS 7!

A lot has happened since the iPhone 5 announcement last year. Samsung has continued to dominate sales of Android phones with their Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. The HTC One and Moto X have gained notoriety as well. Android's Jelly Bean operating system became more solid over the last year with 4.2 and 4.3. And the next version (KitKat) is on the horizon. On the Windows Phone side of things, the Nokia Lumia 1020 featured a 41 megapixel camera! Competition in the mobile space continues to be exciting!

What do we absolutely need to see from Apple tomorrow to meet or exceed the expectations?

By the way, make sure you follow along with the Engadget crew tomorrow at 10AM Pacific. We'll be live, right here: www.engadget.com­/2013­/09­/09­/apple­-iphone­-liveblog­-...

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Although it's not been a rumor this year, I'd like to see NFC along with that fingerprint scanner I keep hearing about.
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Yeah -- there's so many cool applications that people can use NFC for and I don't think it will quickly gain mainstream traction until a company like Apple adds it to their devices. It sounds like Apple is going to add Bluetooth LE instead though (which also has some equally cool applications): en.wikipedia.org­/wiki­/Bluetooth­_low­_energy
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The article mentions the iPhone 4S and 5 already having Bluetooth LE. I have a misfit shine and an iPhone 4 I haven't been able to use yet because of this. I think the fingerprint reader could be an added security measure if apple adds NFC for making payments. I do like the other benefits of NFC as well.
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Will they have qi charging as well?
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I'm hoping that if this has a fingerprint sensor it will signal the end of the physical button. To me the physical button feels like a relic of older tech and it'd be nice to see it begin to phase out. However I do recognize this is an iconic feature to the iPhone so I can't see it up and going.

I'd like to see a final iOS7 design, I just feel there is something being left out from the betas but it's too close to release.

The only thing that I think needs to happen, and I'm using need loosely, is a cheaper iPhone for emerging markets. I feel like this is something that Apple has been getting criticized for and it's something that will make Wall Street happy. It's also the one thing keeping them from really gaining traction in the larger market share outside of the US. If the current iPhone is at $649 I think the cheaper one would have to come in around $499 unlocked to stand somewhat of a chance. I'm basically expecting it to be the iPod Touch but with an antenna in it.
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The iPhone 5 already has a few enough buttons, I cringe at the loss of one more, especially one that is so useful. It is required for hard resets if the system locks up :)

Then again I shouldn't complain because my nexus 4 looses screen real estate due to software buttons.

I think today we will see the gloves continue to come off for Apple and see direct jabs at competitors. A year ago we saw Apple directly compare their new iPad Mini to the Nexus 7 using convoluted math, and we have seen them take some shots at other phones.

However, since then, others (like Nokia) have been taking direct shots at them with things like the Windows Phone wedding commercial and Samsung's ads where people are lining up outside Apple-esque stores.

I predict some form of retaliation is going to happen. :)
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Well the button would still function as it does, just not require the depress. So it'd be a capacitive or soft-touch button. But I still see your point, with a hard button it's easier to configure reset because a software button requires something to be running.
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I doubt we will see NFC for this model but who knows keep your fingers crossed, it would be awesome though.
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