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March 27th 2014 5:27 pm

What excites you about the prospect of VR?

The history of consumer electronics is filled with promises of virtual reality. From Nintendo's Virtual Boy game system in the early 1990's to Facebook's recent foray into the world of VR by gobbling up Oculus, game developers have been pretty excited about the prospect of immersive gaming.

And it's something that consumers have been eagerly clamoring for as well. When Oculus launched their Kickstarter campaign in August of 2012, they met (and surpassed) their funding goals within 24 hours!

What is it about virtual reality that is so exciting? Is it exploring new immersive environments in a novel way that we haven't been able to do before? Is it for that extra hit of adrenaline by feeling like you're closer to danger? Or is it for other reasons, like a "Ready Player One" style escapism from real life.

When I see demos of things like Minecraft and Eve being played with an Oculus Rift, I get pretty excited. Personally, I'm excited about a new way to play video games and participate in new immersive stories.

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Until the End of the World is another good film to watch about people massively getting absorbed with VR.

I sure don't think it would make the world a nicer place to see people wearing these things everywhere. It's a Silicon Valley distraction. Sure, creating new communications channels can have benefits, but the commercial distortion is too strong.

I remember VR being the "next big thing" in the early 90s. In the long term it is important, until then there will be a series of hypes, and I don't expect Oculus to be particularly important in the scheme of things.
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Ever see the 1983 movie Brainstorm? Nuf said!
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If there is ever a follow up to EA's Mirror's Edge, I will need to find myself an Oculus rift
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I'm not really a fan of it, personally. But it's just because I get bad motion sickness. I haven't tried any of these products yet, but I'm certain they'll all make me lose my lunch! :)

Personally, I wouldn't call the Virtual Boy VR. I know it's right there in the name, but there's no "virtual reality" to it that I can see. It's a cool 3D experience, but not much more.

I'll have to break mine out sometime. I loved Mario Tennis...
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I can't wait for the stage where people just lie around in bed jacked into VR all day every day while the real world crumbles around them. It will be awesome.
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It's like the Matrix all over again!
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I admit that I'm left rather cold by VR. There are technologies push people together and technologies that drive people apart. VR, so far, is the latter. It is the Suburban McMansion of tech, not the public square. It's not something I could see being a part of my daily life.
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zSpace excites me in the world of VR. Head gear has been done, it's old tech, not very comfortable and leaves most people reaching for a barf bag when they are done.
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I am looking forward to a kind of "second life" experience with my Facebook page being a sort of personalised world. In time, these could become quite elaborate as more and more content becomes available. Content might be commercially branded to cover costs as long as it wasn't too intrusive.
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im reading a book called feed and the entire book is basically centered around VR. what exicites me about the oculus rift is the idea of full imersion in the gae ur playing and extra rush of adrenaline when you feel like you are actually in a life or death situation instead of sitting in your living room
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