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January 14th 2014 9:25 pm

What gadgets do you take with you while diving or swimming?

I'm going to Guam next week for a much needed holiday after the CES madness. It'll be my first time experiencing some clear seawater, so I'm hoping to do some basic diving or "seawalking."

Now, I'd like to see what kind of gadgets you guys use under seawater, mainly for photo and video capture. I'm asking as a total diving n00b plus occasional seawater swimmer. While there are some waterproof smartphones out there, I'd like to see if anyone's actually used them in seawater.

I know Huawei's Richard Yu has swum in the sea with his Ascend D2 before, and I wouldn't mind snapping up a second-hand unit to mess about with it (though I don't know if his D2 is still working perfectly -- it's not actually rated for deep water usage), but I want to explore more options around that kind of price point.

I also have a Sony Xperia Z1 which has been lad-tested in 1.5m-deep fresh water, but again, I want to see if anyone has tried it in seawater without side effects later. Likewise with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, though it's a bit harder to get hold of in Hong Kong.

Let's hear what you folks have been using, and whether you're satisfied with them. Thanks!

Edit: The Xperia Z1's manual says don't use it in salt water: userguide.sonymobile.com­/referrer.php­?region­=gb­&am... Hmm...

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Are you only using phones? I had a ton of fun in Hawaii with a Nikon D700 wrapped in a DiCAPac: www.bhphotovideo.com­/c­/product­/818021­-REG­/DiCAPac­_...

My father-in-law's a much better swimmer than me and he snagged some pretty stellar shots with it.
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Wow, this looks like an option as well! Will see if I can find this or something similar in Hong Kong. Thanks man!

Edit: They even have a dedicated Hong Kong site! www.dicapac.com.hk/ So awesome.
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I also want to get me an underwater camera. I'll be traveling to Costa Rica in April and I want to bring a good one. I was thinking going for a Hero. Let us know what you end up doing Richard.
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