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What is important to you when choosing your next phone?

All of the phone OS seem to be doing something better than their competitors and with the first WebOS3 device set to come out soon it just adds onto the already competitive market. And just as the OS keep getting better we're now starting to see some handset manufactures push the hardware limits.

This thought came into my mind because I'm planning to pick up a new phone in the next month and after my experience with Android I'm on the fence with if I want to go back to them.

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Having extensively used all major smartphone OSes except WebOS there are various trade-offs and pros/cons to consider:

1. Which email provider do you use? For Gmail Android offers by far the best experience, but for Exchange server accounts Android is awful. Both WP7 and BB offer great Exchange integration. iOS handles all services equally well but misses a few features that the deep native integration that other devices offer.

2. Sharing: ease of use and integration with various services. Android offers the most variety and level of customization in this department.

3. Media: iOS has the best out of the box experience though with enough tweaking Android is very competative and can handle a greater variety of formats natively without conversion. BB is weakest here. WP7 also competent.

4. Camera: hands-down the iPhone 4 has the best camera on any smartphone out there.

5. Browser: Android and iOS more or less on par at the top of the heap with Safari feeling a little bit slicker but Android being able to handle a greater variety of sites. WP7 browser is very good but sometime user agents don't identify it properly. BB browsers still suck.

6. Maps/Navigation: Google Maps on Android the clear winner with Bing Maps on WP7 putting in a strong showing if you're in the US, not so'much elsewhere in the world.

7. Docs/Excel/PDF/attachments: for all MS Office and PDF formats WP7 really shines in this department. iOS and with some fiddling Android are on par with each other. BB fine but limited by screen size.

8. Voice control/input: Android is really the only one going anywhere with this. WP7 has decent voice input for Bing search.

9. Games: iOS the clear leader here with Android catching up.

10. Screen size: the 4" screen of the Samsung Nexus S feels just right.

11. Keyboard: if you must have a physical keyboard BB still the best. Among virtual keyboards iOS still the leader though I personally detest the way auto correct works in iOS vs Android or WP7.

12. Battery life: among touchscreen phones the iPhone 4 seems to fare better than most others. BBs typically better than any touch screen phone.

My personal favorite handsets presently are:

1. Samsung Nexus S
2. iPhone 4
3. HTC Mozart or Samsung Focus
4. BB Bold
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Thanks for a great response. You definitely further showed that each company is excelling at different things.
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Sure thing.

Yes, right now each of the OSes does something a bit better than the others.

For me Android, being the most flexible, allows one the most customized, personally tailored experience but for those people who don't want to make the effort iOS probably works the best right out of the box or, if getting one's first smartphone and one is a Hotmail or Exchange user then WP7 offers a pretty compelling experience.

What do you plan to get?
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I was looking into the WP7 device coming to Verizon but it doesn't have certain apps I use on a regular basis, same with WebOS. So right now it's between Android and iOS. I've considered trying to get an iPhone on a 1/yr just to try the iOS for a year to see if I enjoy it but I do enjoy the flexibility I get in an Android phone. So it will most likely end up being the Incredible S/II since I don't have a need for 4G right now.
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Verizon, eh?

Droid Pro is an interesting form factor, shame about the screen...

The Droid Bionic is coming out soon, right?

That seems pretty top-of-the-line.

I've had plenty of experience with HTC Android phones and now Samsung as well but none with Motorola...Incredible S seems like a safe bet...
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Bionic supposedly got pushed back until late may, or even later. Supposedly due to complications with the antenna and such. As I said, I don't need the 4G right now since I don't live in a 4G area so if I can go without it I wont care. Should the bionic come out sooner rather than later, I'll grab it.

Only reason I'm picking HTC over Motorola is I prefer Sense over Blur. Yes yes I know I can root but I'm doing that now with my Eris and while it's fun it can turn into a chore thus becoming a bit annoying.
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Agree with your re rooting: more hassle than it's worth.

Yes, Sense seems more polished.
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For me, it's hardware build quality and camera. Which is ironic because my current phone (and the last one) isn't good at either. I couldn't care less about media integration or voice control or app ecosystem. I've had Android and webOS and iOS, and webOS is my favourite. Sadly, webOS hardware and cameras suck, so I'm using Android right now.
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If those are your priorities then certainly the only logical choice is the iPhone 4...
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