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February 25th 2014 1:11 pm

What is your messaging app of choice?

Last week, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for around $19 billion dollars (making the company more valuable that most car companies, news agencies, NASA space missions, the top 20 European football teams combined, and more).

Relavent: http://thingsthatarecheaperthanwhatsapp.tumblr.com/

Anyway, there are a number of popular messaging services in use:
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Hangouts
  • iMessage
  • Kik
  • Line
  • SMS (kick it old school!)
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
Which messaging service are you using to primarily communicate with your friends and family?

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Google Voice for texting and Google Hangouts for work.
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The last couple days I've been trying out IRC at work and I like that a lot so far. I've settled on using Adium after trying out LimeChat and Lingo. I just wish there was a chat service out there that had support for markdown, code highlighting, emoticons, and conversation history/persistance.
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SMS is my most frequently used "app"

BBM for interacting with my former colleagues at RIM/BlackBerry

Facebook messenger for group chats, non-important conversations, and people I don't have phone numbers for
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In order from most to least:

Facebook Messenger

Side note, kind of a dupe topic of a pretty recent one: www.engadget.com­/discuss­/messaging­-app­-alternative...
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I use IMO primarily, i have BBM specifically for my friends that are still using blackberries for work, etc. Hangouts for the rare Video chats... for now. Old classic SMS/MMS every now and again.
Used to use trillian because i have it on my computer.

*i used Whatsapp when i switched from Blackberry to Android because there was no android Beejive at the time.

Sg3 4.3 Stock- Nova Launcher
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myENIGMA, secure messaging app made in Switzerland for text and multimedia files. comes even with SMS option: www.myenigma.com
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Hangouts !
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iMessage since most of my friends have an iOs device. BBM for business. FB Messenger rarely
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In china we both use we chat and QQ but just like me i should contact with my client i will use line and whats app .
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Mostly Hangouts and Cubie.
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iMessage mostly.
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hangouts > skype > sms
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I use BBM exlusively.

Only time I use SMS is for people with basic phones or Windows Phone users (who will be getting the app by the summer).

How can you have a list of popular messaging services without listing BBM? Unless you truly are ignorant to its existence you made this thread biased.
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I have 1 person who uses BBM and that was just to test it out. Most use iMessage. Then my other friends are reluctant to move away from SMS
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I can't resist putting in a plug for our app, Emu (emu.is). It's a messaging app for busy people who do a lot of coordinating on the go - sort of like having a built-in assistant in every conversation. It'll help you plan a lunch, pick a restaurant, send your live location, or set a reminder to deal with a message at a more appropriate time.

We're in invite-only beta right now (emu.is­/download/), but you can get in with invite code "sad.platypus".
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My favorite is iMessage. But my most used is SMS. I also like Google Hangouts :p
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Whats app and JoApp ( i created with app creator) : apphinge.com
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