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November 14th 2013 5:01 pm

What is your oldest digital photo?

In light of Everpix shutting down, I started thinking about my own personal photo library and all the photos I have. There is some crazy old stuff in that library and it got me thinking -- when did you take the photo that is oldest digital photo in your library (meaning an image that has been taken with a digital camera, not a photograph that you later scanned)?

Mine is from March 19th, 2001 and is a rather nondescript photo of a flower in my parents' backyard.

Interestingly enough, I remember taking some photos a few years earlier, sometime around 1998 or 1999, with this crazy old camera that used a 3.5-inch floppy disk to write images to (at 640 x 480 resolution!). I have no idea where those ultimately ended up over the years.

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Haha, seems like we have the same history. The oldest I can find on my computer is from April of 2001, but I know for a fact that I had a Sony Mavica 3.5" floppy digital camera. It was so cool at the time, but you had to have plenty of floppies on hand. I'm not sure where those photos are. Dang...
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Yes! That was it! I just found it on Amazon:

"11 used starting from $11.00"

I don't even want to know how much that thing was when it first came out?
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Mine are nowhere near that old. My American Idol branded Nokia camera phone took this one in 2005 at Fort Greene: and my next one is from a tie-dye party we hosted in our first apt together in 2007:
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Yup. I was looking at GDGT's collection, and it was either the MVC-FD71, FD83, or FD5. I can't recall which one it was...
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WOAH! It looks like I do have some photos from my Mavica, and apparently it was the MVC-FD88. I'm not certain, but it appears that instead of EXIF data, it stored information about the photos it took in an accompanying HTML file! Lol.
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Mine's from early 1999, taken on a Nikon Coolpix 950 (1600x1200!). I'd post it, but I just realized I have no idea how to do an inline image on gdgt...
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Hah, nice!

To share an image on gdgt, just upload it to someplace like Dropbox, flickr, or imgur and just drop the direct URL to the image right in the comment on its own line.
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That's far too simple! Well, then, here we go:

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My first digital picture was taken on December 10th 2000. The file is named "01 People, first picture taken" lol!

It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to organize that data.


Not sure why the image isn't embedding.
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About 1979 with a machine that took a 120 pixel x 120 pixel image and printed it with "x"s on a dot matrix printer. Pix of my son, still hanging on my wall. Recognizable when you squint from 6 ft away.
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I have one like that of myself. I think I got it at Disney World when I was like 4 years old..and I still have it..

The first shot I have of myself on modern digital camera is the first Digital camera that Panasonic came out with (I was doing tech support for Panasonic at the time, and the camera has just come out.. We used it to photograph our Halloween party).. It was really low resolution and was a point and shoot..the indoor shot was kind of grainy and blurry..

Since some people here are mentioning the disc driven Mavica, The first digital camera I had purchased was the Panasonic PV-SD5000, which was also used a floppy disk. But it used the superdrive compression. So one disk was a whopping 120 MBytes..which was huge at that time.

As an aside, I always joke with people, "The Last time I went to Disney World, Epcot didn't exist!"
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My first digital camera would go back to 1993, Canon Zapshot RC (?) .. and I still remember how excited I was at that time. In truth the Zapshot was a digital still video camera and didn't much use and I sold it, wish I had it now and still have the photos. At that time the magazines kept talking about the coming digital revolution and it was either the Canon Zapshot or Sony Mavica. They didn't sell well so my local camera dealer sold it to me at cost and in it's day a cool piece but no match in any sense do SLR or any film based camera.

The real reason and use I found for was in conjunction with my Video Toaster (Amiga) and even then...but good memories.
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