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July 30th 2014 1:30 pm

What's causing this spinning wheel in iOS all day long?

Yesterday, this spinning wheel was going to town all day long on my phone. I'd force close apps and nothing would change. It's no wonder my battery life went from about 90% to 20% in 3 hours, while barely touching my phone! Finally, after rebooting my phone last night, it appears to have gone away.

That said, is there any way to see what apps are currently accessing data? (Similar to how we have a screen that tells us what apps are currently / recently accessing location data).

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Did you just update to iOS 8 and are restoring from an iCloud backup?
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None of those! It's just hanging out spinning. Not sure if it was just something that was uploading in the background (Photostream, Picturelife, Reeder, who knows?).
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Hmm.. I didn't think that spinner signified background processes doing networking, but only the 'springboard' where the apps are. I've seen that exact thing happen when restoring from a backup, and apps are still being downloaded.

Do you have autoupdate on? I wonder if it's gotten stuck somehow downloading an update..
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Frank helpfully points out that it's probably because I have so many redundant apps. I KNOW, I KNOW. I should really delete some stuff...
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HA! My only suggestion is to check background services and disable anything non-essential.
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Hello Dave.
I had this same problem, and what seemed to solve it was turning off Bluetooth. In the swipe up control center it is the middle, if you haven't changed it (can you?) This is what helped me a few months ago, but my battery is now declining very fast...boohooo. Hope this helps!
Jennifer in AZ
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