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January 30th 2013 8:15 pm

What's the best Ultrabook?

Which ultrabook do you like the most? Why? What are the advantages of it and some disadvantages?

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I like the Lenovo Yoga 13, Longish battery life (I average around 6 hours), good keyboard, and a nice touch screen. Havent had a chance to use many other's, though.
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The Dell XPS 13 shouldn't be overlooked, especially now that it comes with the option of a 1080p screen.

It's beautifully designed, solidly constructed and has among the best trackpads of any Windows laptop.

Also comes with the option of Ubuntu pre-installed instead of Windows.

What more could you ask for?
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I've just bought myself a Samsung Series 9 15" ultrabook. I did a lot of research before going ahead and buying it. There has been reports that the screen is washed out and viewing angles aren't that great. In all honesty, people are right but this is mainly due to the fact it's not an IPS panel used in the 15" version of the Series 9 laptops. So yes, it's a little washed out when you view the screen from extreme angles.... but why would you. All this being said, the screen is lovely and very bright. It's also a Matte display so can be used outside.

I'm a web developer and have bought it for the size of the screen along with the resolution.

It's a great buy and I absolutely love it! The build quality is pretty much the best I have seen. Yes, MacBooks are well built and are probably an obvious alternative. However, I got my Series 9 for £800. I don't have any use for the Mac OS as I am a .Net developer and actually have no problem with Windows. Even Windows 8, I actually really like it...

I can highly recommend the Series 9 (15" in my case), yet the 13" is equally beautiful and well build.
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the aspire s7 is a solid choice apart from the battery life, why not try the X1 carbon, pricey but great
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