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March 1st 2012 10:54 am

What's the bet it still doesn't look any better than an iPhone camera?

this is a joke surely, just to see who buys on specs alone, regardless of performance

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Realize that this is not just another round of the megapixel war.

The performance of this camera is what iPhones dream of in their sleep. :) As for the rest of the phone, well, Symbian Belle is not *that* bad. Too bad Nokia is moving away from it.

OTOH, once they integrate this camera technology in a Windows phone, it's gonna be pretty awesome.
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Watched the video. Not sure that I would call using a larger sensor and associated GPU in a phone a breakthrough. It is integrated into a phone almost as large as a brick (OK not quite as large). However, if they can continue to evolve the technology, I do like approach that could eventually improve the flexibility for taking pictures with your phone.
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It's all in the way it uses the extra pixels in PureView mode to oversample the image that is the breakthrough. I remember reading back when this was announced that it uses similar similar tech to what they use in satellite photography. Making all that fit and work inside the confines of a mobile device is pretty amazing. I won't debate the merits of putting it on a Symbian device, but if this was attached to any other OS, people wouldn't be able to stop talking about it.

As it stands, I'm glad I'm experienced enough with Symbian that I can get this and enjoy it without letting the OS get in my way (too much).
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gsmarena did a camera comparison. www.gsmarena.com­/pureview­_blind­_test­-review­-773.ph...
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I agree, this seems more of a proof of concept and a PR producing product than something Nokia expects to sell. Maybe it's more along the line of Google releasing a flagship Android phone each year in that they want to show people what the best camera phone experience could be...just to inspire people to look at their brand. Sony did this with the Xperia Play too, although they tried to sell it a bit more.

For people who want a sick camera maybe this is better than most $500 level cameras? I'm not really sure since I'm perfectly happy with my Samsung TL210 14MP and my iPhone 4. For camera enthusiasts this seems like an easy sell and if marketed correctly, Nokia could take some market share from Nikon or Canon. Does that seem more possible?
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From what i have read i understood that is has the ability to use a 41mp sensor.

-benefits being better digital zoom, producing say a 8mp image from the center.
-better light collection, using an array of 25 pixels to produce an averaged 1 pixels data.
-wider range of formats across the sensor, 21:9 / 4:3 / 16:9 / 1:1

The flexibility of having that many pixels to work from does not mean you have to write all the data to storage but you have the ability to run post processing / filters /edits on the high resolution image in memory before the application stores the shot.
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Because of the larger sensor, it should work better in low light conditions as compared to the iPhone assuming you do not zoom. However, as you zoom, I would expect the low light performance will degrade while you will maintain resolution. In the iPhone, as you zoom, the low light performance will stay the same, but the resolution will degrade.
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Some early reviews are coming and apparently the technology is not just good, it's great:
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Given that most tech sites have posted sample shots that are close, if not even, to what I can accomplish with my NEX, I'd say there is a very good chance this will best the iPhone's camera.
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