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April 4th 2014 6:26 pm

What's the deal with luxury feature phones?

Today on Engadget, we shared news of two different luxury phones coming to market:

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite


Gresso Azimuth


My question is, why would anyone of considerable wealth go back in time to the days of feature phones just to have something flashy in their hands, versus having a smartphone? I mean, how would they tweet?

If a rich person wants to blow some cash, one can always buy a 64GB iPhone 5s, in Gold, totally unlocked: store.apple.com­/us­/buy­-iphone­/iphone5s­/64gb­-gold­-u....

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I think it goes to a whole new level of exclusivity and accessibility. Those phones also will stand out from an iPhone which is actually pretty common if you look at the market share.

If I wanted an iPhone and also wanted to stand out from the crowd, I would order one from colorware www.colorware.com­/Default.aspx?
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Wow, those colorware prices are steep!
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So I was at this party flirting with this chick. and shes like I wonder what kind of phone you have? and boom, I pulled out my safelink. lol. "Its the end of the month and I still got 150 minutes to burn." She was like "damn, even your phone is old school." Yup, that's how I roll. and selfies? whats that? I was doing that back in 2006. We had this thing called a 'camera.' damn noobs.
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Well, to this point, I do wonder if having one of these would be that "thing" you pull out at a party to impress. Though, a prospective date could own an iPhone 2G and I'd still focus more on who they are as a person likely.
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