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April 3rd 2014 3:34 pm

What's your favorite everyday camera?

I'm thinking of biting the bullet on a Fujifilm X100S. Anyone strongly for or against the 100S? Have an other compact suggestions? I'm looking for something that will take stellar photos that is small enough to tote around everywhere. The retro look of the 100S is also a definite +1 in its column.


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While it doesn't have the retro, some of us here have RX100/II and love them. They're super compact and take great photos.

That said, the Fuji X100S and X-E2 offer a different shooting experience that more similar to rangefinder shooting.

If you want an ILC I think the OM-D E-M10 is a great choice. But again, a different style of shooting from the X100S.
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I love my rx100. Great photos, large sensor, RAW
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I have a Fuji x100s, and a Canon s100, which both are the "travel" cameras when I don't bring the Canon 5D mkIII. The x100s is an amazing camera, but it does require you to slow down a bit, and be more methodical than an SLR.

The s100 (or s110 & s120) is a good deal smaller, but will still let you shoot raw, and full manual. The s100/110/120 is much cheaper, and you can also get an amazing waterproof case for them. I've shot a BUNCH of stuff with the s100 and in daylight to dusk scenarios its a great camera. It will get noisy in low light situations, but some of this can be fixed in post if you're shooting raw. The Canon s100 is that little camera that you can always always have with you. It takes up hardly any space, has a decent zoom and is a very capable camera for its size and cost.

The x100s is unreal in lowlight, and its lens/sensor combination is fantastic. Out of the camera jpegs are amazing, and in low light, its really really really good. It does have its faults though. Its quirky - its a little slow in some aspects of focus, it eats up batteries and its pokey when writing to the card, but its image quality makes up for it. Its not a small camera, which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on your needs. You're also faced with only ONE focal length, which comes with its own challenges/charm.
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I love the look and feel of the X100 but unless you are going to shoot and process RAW the Fuji processing engine doesn't produce my favorite look to images. Olympus and Panasonic/Leica has them beat in my opinion. My carry-arounds are an old Panasonic GF1 and an LX3. Ima want bad the Olympus OM-D, but it's less compact than the X100. If I had the money, I'd seriously consider the Sony RX1R - that's a mighty tiny camera to be sporting a full-frame sensor.
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I used the original X100, and it was a really fun camera to shoot with; the X100S fixes a lot of bugs. That said, the fixed lens maaaay be frustrating if you like to shoot distant subjects.

My 'big' camera is a Sony NEX-5N, and I'd probably get an A6000 if I had to buy now. I generally like both the feel and Sony's image processing. It's not all that pocketable unless you have a pancake lens, but it'll fit into a messenger bag alongside other gear.
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I use a Leica V-Lux 2, which is s loaded with bells and whistles, and a tad heavy. But a great, all-round unit. My professional photography friends use the Sony RX-100 as a small, versatile backup to their big rigs ...
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X100S is an awesome machine and definitely great for taking everywhere — perfect for street photography. Don't ignore what's coming out of Sony's corner at the moment though. The RX100 is a workhorse and relatively cheap.

That said, I think it depends if it's going to be a primary or secondary camera. If you're looking for something that's going to be your only camera then something like the X-Pro1 or XT-1 is probably better as it gives you more scope and room to grow with interchangeable lenses. Both have that retro-styling and same sensor and the Pro1 can usually be picked up for a similar price to the 100S.
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My all-time favorite camera remains the Fujifilm X100 and the improved X100S would probably be my new favorite if I owned it.
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I really don't like bringing bulky things like camera that's why when I travel, I just make sure I have my iPhone with me, lol (seriously, it takes great pictures!) But what I have for years already is Fujifilm X100 and I think it'll be hard for me to replace it with something new, because taking pictures with it is awesome!
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