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February 8th 2014 12:24 pm

What's your most effective and satisfying app experience?

I have bitched and complained about iTunes a lot. But I have to say some apps just deliver a cool experience.

Like iMovie on iOS.

iMovie on the iPhone or IPad, is quick, fun and easy to use. Slow motion is cool too. I make simple 2 or 3 minute videos with music and effects of my 3 yr old son enjoying a snow day or learning to ride a bike and share them with family on Vimeo, iMovie Theater, or Google+

Also, I started the year wanting to get healthy, so I bought a Fitbit Force, began faithfully logging nutrition choices on Lose it app; ran and biked using my Garmin GPS watch and Garmin Connect app and cross trained with the excellent FitStar: Tony Gonzales app.

The goal being to get lean and have fun along the way. The results :- I have lost 12 pounds since January 1st, I sleep much better, I am much more active, and have a much better idea of what I am putting in my body.. I would call that extremely effective.

What apps do you really enjoy using? Or what is your most effective app for what you are doing?

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Adobe pdf. Does what its supposed to. Lets me read books and documents on my phone.
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Skype, PayPal and Dropbox - the 3 apps I can't live without! I use them because of my online work.
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