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July 4th 2009 6:54 am

What was your all time favourite game for the SEGA Genesis?

I know a lot of people are going to say Sonic but mine was totally different. It was called Marco...or something of the sort. It was this crazy kid with blonde hair who played soccer and you had to kill all of these monsters using your mad soccer skills. I played that game day in and day out as a kid and it was one of the things that made me enjoy soccer. Honestly soccer+monsters=crazyawesomefuntime!!!

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Road Rash was, in my opinion, the best game on the Sega Genesis. The first game to give you a real feeling of speeeeeed.
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I think that the ones that I played most were some mythical beat 'em up like Shinobi 2 and the various Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. I also played a lot with the 32X and Virtua Figther and Virtua Racing :D.
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Streets Of Rage (Bare Knuckle)...probably the best soundtrack of any game at the time.
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That's a difficult question, I don't think I could name one:

Altered Beast
Toe Jam and Earl (I & II)

Those are the games I really remember playing for hours at a time as a kid... and whenever I see a Genesis laying around at a friend's house.
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I played the crap out of Shadowrun. I'd have to say that was my favorite game that ever came out for the console.
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Micro Machines 2 and Sonic & Knuckles. Hands down the best on the system.

The extra joypad ports and the Micro Machines cartridge was absolute genius.
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I'm a rare breed of video game fan. I'm not interested in sports, fighting, or fantasy games. I do, however, love racing games. This has been one of my favorites of all time.
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Shining Force 1 and 2 had to be my favorites. Toe Jam and Earl is up there as well, and the Sonic games of course.
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Sonic 3 was always classic... although when I originally had it, I'd probably have told you Ren and Stimpy
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Some of my top games for the system.

Streets of Rage 2
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Dynamite Heady
Gunstar Heroes
Virtua Racing
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
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Street Fighter 2 Turbo was my favourite game
Had a "Tank" controller which was basically arcade buttons and joystick in a metal case was like bringing the arcade home saved a fortune as i used to pump so much cash into the SF arcade machines!

Streets of Rage 3, Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, and the Sonic Series were all favouries as well :)
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Sonic 2 was a blast. Easy as heck, but just such a fun play through. Yeah, Sonic 3 and it's sequel Sonic and Knuckles were perhaps more of a challenge and viewed upon as better games by some, but for a casual gamer, Sonic 2 is great.

Toejam & Earl's also a top game for it's utter randomness. Avoid it's rather mediocre sequel though, Panic in Funkatron. It's almost as bad as the title suggests.

Other than that, I also loved Streets of Rage 3, which was one of the later games released on the system, was a truly amazing side scrolling beat'em up. Reminded me of Final Fight in many respects, a game I managed to grab for my Mega CD (Sega CD).

Underrated title of the console though has to be Rock and Roll Racing. The sound was far better on the SNES and the graphics perhaps more polished, but it was a great play either way. 2 player action at it's finest as well.
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NHL '94 (Sega CD version) Played this game way too much in college with my roommates. We eventually had every lineup's stats memorized so we could build custom lines for each team. If I got Vancouver with Pavel Bure I was almost unstoppable.

I always thought Sonic 2 was the best of the Sonic series.
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Eternal Champions and Rocket Knight Adventures
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Mortal Kombat!!!! how has this not been mentioned. First game with blood everywhere. Remeber how all the parents were freaking out. NE wayz i was completely taken by the fatalities.
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David Robinson's Supreme Court

"When playing in a tournament, using too many timeouts could freeze the game. This would require a hard reset in order to restart the game. Despite using David Robinson's name and using most of rules of basketball, a legitimate license from the NBA was never granted. All players and teams are fictional and the coaches and the league commissioner are nameless."
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NFL sports talk football! (bahm bahm chik bahm bahm bahm chik bahm bahm bahm chik)

star control

toejam and earl

ah, i wonder what happened to my genesis..... ? hmm
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Mortal Kombat 2
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Top games that i can remember me playing all the time (and still do some times) are Ecco the dolphin, sonic and knuckles and donald duck quack shot.
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Sonic and Knuckles, and Mega Turrican
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1. NHL '93
2. NHL '94
3. NHL '95

Was '94 the one where they added 1-timers? Anyway, those series of games were worth buying a Genesis even if you never bought another game.

Honorable Mention: Golden Axe
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'94 added one timers and I believe that '93 was the last year when you hurt someone there was a big pool of blood on the ice. We played 93 all the time. Roenick was unstoppable in that game.
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Marco was the first game I owned for my Genesis, and it was pretty sweet. I believe it was an included game when/wherever I got the system. You could do sweet shit like bicycle kicking the ball at monsters, using the ball to bounce yourself upwards... I recall a gun being available at some point, as like a power up or something. I think it had about 12 levels, all reachable via the inbuilt password system, and it really was a good game!

My all time favorite game I think was Toy Story. I just remember begging Mom to rent that game for me every time we went to the movie store. It had great graphics for the time, difficult-but-not-too-difficult gameplay, and just fun in general.

Honorable mentions for me would be:

-Earthworm Jim
-Mortal Combat series
-Road Rash series
-Jungle/Desert Striek
-NBA Jam
-Sonic and Knuckles
-Sonic 3
-Sonic 3D
-The Lost Vikings
-Comix Zone
-Gunstar Heroes
-Batman Returns

Ahh the memories!!
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Toejam and Earl.
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I was a big fan of Road Blasters. One of the most basic games of all time but very fun.
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I think Kid Chameleon was my favorite because it was the only game that I could play for hours on end and still never finish it. Did anyone ever make it to the end of that game? If so, what was at the end?
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NHL, NHL, NHL !!!!

This series was a college staple, I had friends who didn't like Hockey or Video games, that played that one, it was THAT good. Also the early Madden and Sonic games, were classics.
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So far Sonic 2. We'll see when I beat Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles.... I had a lot of fun with The Terminator for Sega CD till it froze.... :(
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Sonic & Knucles, Shinobi, Streets of Rage II, Golden Axe and Comix Zone.

Top5, right there.
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I liked the 7 up game (can't remember the real title) and the Jurassic park game.
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You can't lose with any Sonic game. I probably played as much of the first Sonic game as I did the first Mario game, as a kid.

I have to say, my favorite of the Sonic games, and by default my favorite Genesis game, is Sonic and Knuckles. The replay value of that game was through the roof, especially when you consider the lock-ons with the previous Sonic games.
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afterburner, comix zone, earthworm jim
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Mortal Kombat and Sonic and Knuckles with any sonic game inserted on top!

Oh yea, and can't forget about Shinobi. Possibly the best ninja game ever (until ninja gaiden for xbox came along).
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Hands down my favorite game ever... Shining Force. I played it through probably 3 times on the original... another 2 or 3 emulated, 3 times in the GBA remake, and plan to play through at least once more on the XBox 360 Genesis Collection. :)

2nd (and very close) favorite... Gunstar Heroes. Oh how I miss that game... the GBA sequel was terrible in comparison.

After those, there is a pile of others in the 3rd spot... Shining Force 2, Shining Force CD, Aladdin, Castle of Illusion, Strider, Street Fighter II Turbo, NBA Jam, Columns, Mortal Kombat, Phantasy Star 3 (haven't played 4 yet but will on the collection), Might and Magic, Whip Rush... and so many others.

I would say the Genesis was probably my favorite console of all time for action games and I will argue forever that the Genesis version of every multiple-platform game was better than the SNES counterpart. :)
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I'm only now exploring Megadrive/Genesis for the first time via emulation on Dingoo A320 and GP2X Wiz.

Wow, there are some FANTASTIC looking games!
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Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Sonic and Knuckles
Altered Beast
Golden Axe 2
Land of Illusion
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Anyone else love Vectorman?
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Sonic and Golden Axe. Possibly the greatest games of all times
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