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March 14th 2012 1:11 am

What was your first cell phone?...Your favourite?

I am just curious as to the evolution of users' cell phones over time. I realize this may date some people on the discussion, but it should be interesting to see. My cell phone history is this:

Starting in 2004
Motorola T720 (1 year)
Nokia 6101 (1 year)
Sony Ericsson K790a (3 years)
Sony Ericsson X10 and BlackBerry Bold 9700 (16 months of dual phones)
BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 (1 month before unfortunate water damage)
Sony Ericsson X10 (for another 5 months)
BlackBerry 9790 (1.5 months and counting)

My favourite was the K790a. At the time, it revolutionized what a cameraphone should be. It was slick and shot amazing 3mp photos. It was durable and throughout many drops, it lasted me 3 years.

You don't have to post your full history like I did, just say something about the phones you have had!

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For me it began in 1997 and went something like this:

Ericsson GH688
Motorola TImeport* - first tri-band "world phone" and a real tank, bulletproof
Sharp GX20* - early camera phone and high-end feature phone. Best screen at the time.
Siemens S55 - lame knock-off of the Sony Ericsson T68i (which I should've gotten instead)
Motorola V70 - early "designer" phone. Very cool, but very small screen.
Nokia 3310
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6230i
HP iPAQ 6230 - bought this over the Razr which I don't regret even if it was pretty bad
HTC S620 (Dash)* - great form factor and industrial design, first always-on email device
Blackberry 8820
Blackberry Bold 9000* - possibly still the best BB ever made (relative to its era)
iPhone 3G - waited til iOS 3 for search, Exchange support, etc.
HTC Magic - actually really liked it but Android still in infancy compared to iOS
iPhone 3G S
HTC Google Nexus One* - beautiful industrial design, Android became on par with iOS
iPhone 4* - until this thing came out. One of the best pieces of CE ever.
Samsung Google Nexus S - disappointing...
HTC Mozart - re-purposed Nexus One hardware running WP7
Motorola Atrix
iPhone 4S
Nokia Lumia 800*

*Favorites of their respective eras

Hmmm...not only does that date me but it might indicate a slight mobile phone addiction...22 phone in 15 years and...accelerating.

The list doesn't include devices given to me for evaluation by manufacturers, but rather just the ones that I've paid for myself and used as primary devices for at least 3 months.
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My first cell phone was the Motorola V551. I remember how impressed everyone was with the fact that it had a camera. I guess it was a big deal at the time.... It was an alright phone. I mainly used it for playing Prince of Persia. My first smartphone was the Blackberry Bold 9000, and what a smart phone that was. Loved that thing. Such a sharp display. Amazingly designed. I felt like a Japanese businessman carrying that thing around, pulling it out in geography class to send a text or two. Such good memories. Currently have Blackberry Bold 9650. I love Blackberry, but they're dying... unless they come out with a truly kick-ass phone before the new iPhone, then it looks like Apple will get my money. I'd go with Android, but my next phone is going to need to last a long time, and Android phone manufacturers don't keep up with their older Android handsets as much as Apple does with their iPhone.
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The Bold 9000 was really good. I temporarily had one, but it was before I got a data plan. It was a glorified texter for me. I am also a fan of BlackBerry and definitely agree with your sentiments
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Haha! I didn't have a data plan with it either...
I remember sending the longest text message I ever composed on that phone. It was like forty individual 160 character messages.
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I started using cell phone in 2005 with Nokia 6610i. Good phone with great calling quality, but it lacks bluetooth and 2 years later, I switched to Nokia 6120. It is like early generation of smartphone with 2MP camera. I changed to Ericsson Vivaz as I want to use touch screen phone. I was annoyed by the sensitivity of resistive touch and searched a new one. I used Tmobile with unlocked phones so I had to find for the phone that has 1700MHz band. Nokia N8 became my purchase. It lasts for 1 year. I started to feel bad using Symbian as it lacks good features. My present phone is Nokia Lumia 710, Windows Phone. It is not high end phone, but cheap (250 for unlocked). I would throw it away once the new iPhone comes out.
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Motorola i30sx on Nextel. First phone. Everyone in my family had Nextel and the direct connect features of Nextel were pretty useful and widespread in my town.

Favorite phone was the Samsung a900. Similar to razr in it's style only, this phone was leaps and bounds ahead in software and features. I loved the media buttons on the front and the swiveling camera. I had it loaded with an opera mini browser that worked well for me at the time. I'd also stream music and video through orb software.

Since then I've had all iPhone models up to iPhone 4.
If iPhone 5 isn't drastically different I'll probably look into the galaxy s III.
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My sophmore year of college I got the Nokia 7160: slide broke
Nokia 6140i: the gate phone while TDMA was dieing
Treo 180
Treo 270
SE T68i
Treo 600
Treo 650
HTC Wizard
Treo 755p
Treo 800w
HTC Hero
HTC Evo 4g
Palm Pre / Blackberry curve OG
Palm Pre Plus
IPhone 4 / Palm Pre 2
HP Pre 3 / Samsung GS II Skyrocket

And who knows what's next!
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Mine is like this:
Starting in 2004

Nokia 3315
Nokia 6610
Nokia 6085
Motorola A1200
Nokia 7210 Supernova
Nokia 5230
Nokia 1280
Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
Apple iPhone 4

My Favorite is Xperia Ray.
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LG Alltel 2001
Nokia 3310 2002
Motorola V557 2004
Motorola V560 2005
Motorola Razr 2007
Samsung Blackjack 2008
Apple iPhone 3G 2009
Apple iPhone 4 2010 (launch day)

Alltel 2001-2003
Cingular 2003-whenever they were bought by AT&T
AT&T present day

I got my first phone soph year in high school mostly because I had broken my leg in football practice the week before school. My parents were used to picking me up from sports practice, but with the situation I had to be picked up at different times and getting to a part of the school where I could use a phone on crutches was going to take some time. I took my dad's phone and called him at home when I needed a ride.

I loved my Nokia that played the mexican hat dance as the ringtone. Thought I was slow to get it, I loved the sexiness of the Razr. However, it broke quickly and I utilized a loaner phone before buying the Blackjack. The Blackjack was my first smartphone and not only had 3G before iPhone, but could transfer documents over bluetooth. Not a highly used feature, but awesome nonetheless. I wish that Windows Mobile 6 was better software because when I was online the phone would constantly freeze and would need restarting. The phone had a few horrid games, but was a great phone at the time. In those days I would carry a Magellan GPS, used iPod 30gb video and my Blackjack when I drove around. I was warned about GPS theft so I carried the GPS far too often...

Although the Blackjack was better for texting with tactile buttons and a scroll wheel (that was not in the Blackjack II thanks to RIM) iPhone wins for fav phone with the app store. Before getting the iPhone I remember really wanting the LG Shine and I was going to pair it with the iPod Touch to save the monthly internet charge. I am glad I never ponied up for the LG Shine though, all the things I would have missed out on by not getting on the iPhone as early as I did.

I highly anticipate the new iPhone, though I could upgrade to the 4S today. I am tempted to upgrade since Apple will likely push the release to late fall, maybe later than 2011, but having a true LTE iPhone seems like an obvious choice and a new case may be better than simply having Siri and better optics.
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