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March 13th 2014 12:09 pm

What was your first Tweet?

As part of Engadget's 10th anniversary celebrations (which you can keep tabs on here: www.engadget.com­/tag­/10yearsin/) our very own Nicole did a "10 Years in Social Media" piece yesterday on the the microblogging platform du jour, Twitter. Nicole is the the Engadget editor with the longest presence on Twitter, making her first tweet on November 16, 2006, which read "I am sick of cell phones." You can check out her piece here: www.engadget.com­/2014­/03­/12­/eight­-years­-on­-twitter...

Of course, this project inspired many of us to find our own first tweets. You can do this by simply going to topsy.com/ and searching for "from:[username]"

Doing this on my own account, I found out my first tweet was made April 4, 2007, and it read "Lisa has a shiny red apple."


Now, when I first looked that up, here in 2014... I had no idea what that originally referred to. Was I perhaps watching an episode of the Simpsons? Maybe it was some weird reference to the Apple Lisa? I couldn't figure it out, chalking it up to some weird bit of random filler dialog I used to get over my "first tweet" hurdle.

Yesterday I figured it out, though! I wondered if Lisa was a person. How many Lisas did I know? The answer was right there in the time stamp: 5:07 PM. I was at work! Lisa was our chief counsel! And the more I thought about it, yes, I think she was eating an apple. Why I felt the need to document this, I have no idea, but that's Twitter for you.

To seal the deal on this mystery, one need look no further than my very next tweet, from five minutes later. "Sometimes, when I read my e-mail, I just want to take a red pen and jab it into my eye. Then at least, I could leave for the hospital."

Yep, I was at work all right. Ah, those were the days. Now I don't even have pens!

So, have you looked back on your own Twitter history? What was your first tweet? Do you remember the story behind it?

(Image: The Peek TwitterPeek, a device that existed only to read Tweets. Because. Check it out here: www.engadget.com­/products­/peek­/twitterpeek/)

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"Cats can't comprehend phase change!"

... I have no idea, but I have to assume that my cats were doing SOMETHING unusual, probably regarding a dropped ice cube that they were playing with. (This happens more often than you'd expect.)
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Cool story!
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hack the iframe-planet!
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My very first tweet was in 2008 and contains the wreckage and ghosts of social networks past:

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I actually had a Twitter Peek. They sent one to me for free because i bought the original peek for $5 at Target once.
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"Cooling down after hard work in the garden" - sometime in 2007 I think @veeoh
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I don't have record of mine :( I think at some point in 2011 I blew away all my old tweets
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I haven't "tweeted" yet,
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I sent my first tweet to the lovely Nastia Liukin, who has since undergone a twitter name change.

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Oh, snap! Are you a fellow NASA Tweetup / NASA Social alumni? (I only ask because your avatar has the VAB in the background.)

Anyway, people say good things never come from Twitter, but I got to see a (attempted) shuttle launch from it!
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I sure am. I was invited to be a NASA Social guest for the November 2013 launch of the MAVEN mission. Everything I experienced that weekend was amazing. I'm aiming for a second trip this year, hopefully for the Orion test launch.
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