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August 31st 2012 9:06 am

What were the most interesting gadgets announced at IFA 2012?

IFA Berlin, Europe's biggest Consumer Electronics event, takes place this week, and we've got info on all of the hot new products being launched. Not surprisingly, a lot of companies are showing off Windows 8 tablets and laptops, in preparation for Microsoft's October release of its next operating system. Giant 4K TVs are also in abundance, though with no real 4K programming available, they're largely a tease. Here's a list of some of the biggest launches, organized by company. Which of these products are you most looking forward to?


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Tablets: Laptops and Desktops:Samsung

Cameras:Phones:Tablets and Laptops:DesktopsSony

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Most interesting?

I'll have to go with the samsung galaxy camera. It is a smart camera with what looks to be very impressive optics. (21x optical zoom and a healthy dose of megapixels!). While I don't necessarily agree with the "galaxy" branding on it. I think it will pave the way for more higher end Point and Shoot cameras, as long as the price doesn't put it in direct competition with dSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

The gadget I wan't the most?

Being a phone junkie, I was a bit sad that no phone really excited me (The ATIV S was the nicest in my opinion, but I won't give up my BlackBerry yet) So I am going with the HP envy spectre XT touchsmart which has probably a name thats longer than it should be. My macbook pro is still chugging along, but until the threat of a 13" retina display hits the market, I would go with this. Full HD, touch screen. This is what I want in my next windows machine.

SHAMELESS EDIT - I want the samsung series 9 with the 2560x1440 resolution seen here www.engadget.com­/2012­/08­/31­/samsung­-Series%209­-WQH...

The gadget that disappointed me the most?

Hate to say it, but the Galaxy Note II. I loved the first one. I really did. Barely fitting a 5.3" phone into the pocket of my jeans. The amazing usability of a screen that big. It just had a certain charm to it. So I put higher expectations on its successor. Expectations which were not met. First, they made it even larger. 5.3" was the border of my comfort zone. (Hell when I got my Sony X10 4" was the biggest I was willing to go haha) and now that it is 5.5" I just don't care for it. I realize I am complaining about .2" of a difference, but they also didn't bump up the screen resolution. If it was miraculously full HD i would eat my words and go buy one. It's not. The other spec bumps are just incremental too. Noting new and revolutionary in my opinion. I am sure this device will have the same cult following, but I will not be part of it.
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Samsung announcing a Windows Phone 8 device was kind of a surprise to most. Everybody has been waiting for Nokia & Microsoft's September 5 NYC event but here comes Samsung revealing it's first WP8 device already. It looks like a very decent device to me but I'm pretty sure HTC & especially, Nokia will do a lot more interesting stuff. Samsung's notebooks are awesome (series 9) but their mobile stuff (phones & tablets) are rarely exciting, at least in my opinion.

I don't know much about TV tech but the new 4K TVs from Sony & Toshiba look very exciting & VERY expensive, haha.

The Windows 8 desktops, laptops, tablets, transformers & convertibles shown by various OEMs look interesting. I'm happy to see a new wave of PC form factors in a huge amount because of Windows 8. But I have to say, nothing was as exciting as the Microsoft Surface, in my opinion.
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