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April 8th 2012 12:53 pm

What would be your dream phone from existing phone parts?

Joshua Topolsky's quote from a recent Vergecast got me thinking about the "ideal phone." He describes it as "I want the One X internals, display, and camera in the body of the Lumia 900, running stock ICS."

Using just specs/aspects of phones currently on the market, what would your dream phone be?

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BODY - Sony Xperia S
SCREEN - iPhone's retina display on Nexus' 4.6" screen
OS - ICS (but with iOS animations/smoothness)
CAMERA - One X (with front facing camera)
PROCESSOR - Snapdragon 1.5ghz
OTHER - No manufacture/service-provider branding. Free wireless tethering.
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I'm pretty much the same way but with the N9's body and camera.
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Body: HP Pre 3 at 4.3 Inches
Screen: Lumia 900
OS: webOS 3.0
Camera: iPhone 4S
Processor: Dual-Core Snapdragon S9 1.5GHz
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BODY - Nokia Lumia 900.
CAMERA - Nokia PureView 808 (assuming it can do 1080p video, that is), otherwise iPhone 4S.
PROCESSOR: Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5ghz.
OTHER: MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC.
OS: Dual booting Windows Phone 8 and stock ICS, with the option to boot into either at startup. Contacts, apps (assuming available for both platforms), and bookmarks would sync between both OSes.

That'd be amazing.

EDIT: Stolen from Mitchellmckenna: Droid RAZR MAXX battery!
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Droid RZR Maxx with HTC one X screen... that's about it.
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BODY - HTC One X, but in a 4 inch screen version so it's not massive.
SCREEN - also the screen from the One X, assuming a 4 inch version could be done
CAMERA - iPhone 4S of course
PROCESSOR - Snapdragon S4

Basically I want the One X almost exactly how it is but in a smaller package. Despite its size it looks very ergonomic with all the curves and what not so I think it'd be amazing if it was made more compact. I also like the idea of an amoled screen, but given all the issues with the pentile arrangement, I'd skip that unless something better could be done that avoided those problems. And I have to give an honorable mention to a portrait slide out keyboard. That's an ideal form factor for me, but I feel it would ruin the build quality and aesthetics of something like the One X.
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Body: HTC Trophy (I just find it the perfect size - not too bulky, not too thin). But something really durable, I guess like the One S's body (when not peeling away)
Screen: The One X's screen technology, but in a screen that fits the Trophy (but with a thinner bezel). Gorilla glass I guess?
Battery: The 3500mAh one I use in my Trophy, but one that actually fits the standard slim case.
OS: ICS and WinMo dualboot
Camera: Not an HTC one, that's for sure. I guess a 12MP/1080p Carl Zeiss one, with a front facing camera @720p. Oh, and a physical two-step shutter button on the side of the device. And one really bright LED flash.
Processor: I guess the One X's, but better (sounds crazy, yes, but the One S's processor seems better on all levels apart from core quantity).
RAM: 1.5GB if WinMo can support that (no idea what the limitations are)
Storage: 64GB onboard storage, 25GB DropBox space for life, 2x microSD card slots with maximum capacity possible for microSD (I think WinMo supports multiple cards - WinMo 2003 storage settings sure suggested it. Not sure about Android, but I guess so)
Connectivity: 4G/LTE/HSwhatever-the-latest-one-is, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, wireless and wired tethering (with charging while wired), IR port (let's bring infra red back from the dead :D), standard micro-USB, 3.5mm stereo audio jack (which would support in-line headsets with a full feature remote, not just volume / play/pause)

The ability to be able to play any video you throw at it but at full playback rate, unlike some mkv's thrown at iOS VLC, several console-quality games thrown on it like some of the Sony Ericsson, a sensible selection of capacitive touch buttons in a sensible place so they don't get pressed accidentally all the time.
I can only dream...
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I think my dream phone is the HTC One X. Only things it is missing that I would have life would be a MicroSD cards slot and maybe the 3300mah battery from the RAZR MAXX.
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If you are in the USA, take a look at Sprint, the Evo 4G LTE meets what you listed. The battery not quite being as large as the RZR MAXX, but close.
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