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January 22nd 2014 1:19 pm

What would you change about the Engadget Podcast?

The Engadget Podcast is changing! Of course, we'd like to get your input before sprucing up the old bird. What do you love? What do you hate? Should there be more rap battles or cage matches?

We need your honest (and preferably polite) feedback, but note: there's nothing we can do about Terrence's beard making you feel insecure. Tell us what you want put in your earholes in the comments below.

Need some inspiration? Listen to a few recent casts here: engt.co­/engpodcast

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Like some interviews with luminaries from the tech world. That sort of thing.
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Podcasts are always fun when you get invited guests, tech bloggers from other companies, software developers, maybe one or two execs. Maybe you can consider doing something like that once or twice a month, as getting invited guests every week is not realistic. When there aren´t invited guests though, ensure to at least have editors from varying areas in Engadget.
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You know, I would love for the podcast to just be one hour of Billy Steele yelling at things. Maybe just him reading things as if they were TYPED IN ALL CAPS.

Whiskey would probably be involved, natch.
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Less slapstick.... Although it is funny from time to time.
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Not sure what slapstick we've incorporated in the past. But I think you can expect a more focused show going forward with fewer tangents.
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I listened for a couple eps but then stopped in favor of TNT, and I can't remember what it was about Engadget that made me stop listening. TNT is just terrible now, so I will check out the Engadget podcast again and hopefully I can remember what I didn't like and post feedback here.
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I have been following The Engadget Show via iTunes on my Mac for over a year now. Suddenly it has stopped loading new episodes. It stopped at ep. 47. Is there a change to the podcast?
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The Engadget Show and The Podcast are two separate properties. At the moment the Engadget Show is on hiatus. The podcast, however, continues.
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Woud be nice if the mobile apps supported live streaming (even if just audio). Windows phone doesn't support live streams from youtube so its impossible to listen live.
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This is unfortunately purely criticism but it's really my only complaint: you guys talk about video games, and since I've been listening from November, you always get some information critically wrong. It's not a difference of opinions, you guys just misrepresent facts. I would rather see that improved, but if not, then I just wish it wasn't part of the podcast.
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Could you give some examples. Not sure what exactly we have misrepresented.
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One episode, you brought up early PS4 sales, and continued to state that Microsoft had not released their own numbers when they had. There was a few minutes conversation about how bad it looked that Microsoft wasn't putting out sales numbers, when....they had. If I hear one in the latest episode I'll be sure to quote it. Though regardless of any examples, just checking up on the facts as I think you would want to do anyway should solve my issue.
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Hey West,
There have been a few sales figures announced by both sides, but they're often not announced at the same time.

Most likely, at the point of recording, Microsoft hadn't released any figures.


The hosts try to stay on top of these things: there is typically a live chat box to harass them through when it's recorded and live streamed.
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