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April 27th 2012 4:43 pm

What would you do with an 8k, 145-inch plasma TV?

Panasonic and Japanese broadcaster NHK have unveiled a prototype 145-inch plasma set with 8k (7,680 x 4,320) resolution. Here's some more info, from Engadget:

The world's first self-illuminating Super Hi-Vision TV, it features every pixel of its expected 8K resolution -- 7,680 x 4,320. After working for months on smaller (only 85- or 103-inch) 4K plasmas, the two companies had to come up with an entirely new drive method for the display that works by scanning the pixels vertically to achieve a uniform picture quality. The NHK plans to show off the new display at its open house in May, although we're a bit more interested to see if we can watch the Olympics on it this summer.


What would you do with this massive, ultra-HD set — and where would you put it?

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I'd stitch together a few HD video sources of a scenic view, replace one of my walls with it, and pretend instead of looking out over a parking lot my apartment was nestled in some vast mountainous region. Instant quality of life increase.
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Watch it Marc, I would watch it ... and place it in my family room.
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I'd move to Lyndhurst, New Jersey. I think the hangar they used for the Hindenburg is still there.
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I'd probably just install this thing in-place of the load-bearing walls of our apartment building (hey, it'd be a fun party to tear them down!).

Then, it would be constant Battlefield 3 time. It would probably look like crap, and I'd have to sit 100 feet from the screen, but still. Epic!

Can gdgt recommend me a sound system to go with this? Then I'm sold!
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Probably this: gdgt.com­/behringer­/inuke/
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Talk about your retina computer monitor. Probably require three or even four video cards to drive it.
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