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September 23rd 2013 11:33 am

When will I learn?

So I was in love when the surface was first showed off. Unlike others out there I love Windows 8. I knew from day one that it was great to use with touch screens so even though I didn't like it that much with my touchless desktop I knew it wasn't meant for that. (Even though MS is terrible at messaging so they're not saying that).
I eventually bought the surface pro when it came out but I didn't keep it. Battery was dreadful. really really bad. I eventually got the Samsung series 5 touch laptop which I have today. The screen on my second choice is washed out and the build quality is pretty crappy. but it's was half the price of the surface so I could deal with crappy battery life from it. I would tell my wife "the day I settle on a laptop and pay for one I'll regret it because Intel will come out with the better battery processors a week later." Needless to say that's exactly what happened.
They've just revealed the Haswell equipped surface 2 and it seems to resolve all the issues I had with it. the battery (they say) is 75% better and that's before you connect the new power cover that's supposed to give you even more battery life. They've also made some of the cover keyboards with backlight. better screen more powerful specs and better Camera.

So by now you can tell I'm back in love with the Surface. I'm not a fanboy by any stretch. I have an Android tablet, iPad Mini, and I recently traded my iPhone 5 for an HTC One. I also built a gaming PC that doubles as a Hackintosh running the latest version of OSX flawlessly.

My question is this: Am I right to drink the surface coolade again? or am I blinded by my technolust for the newest latest best?

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I'm pretty entrenched on the iOS side of things myself, but I'm really intrigued by the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. I think Microsoft answered a number of criticisms that people had with the original devices.

Plus, I'd just love a device that I could easily play Civ V or Kerbal Space Program on the go. ;)
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After numerous attempts over the years to go with hybrid devices that fill multiple roles, I always find myself going back to having several devices dedicated to specific purposes. It's cliche to say Surface is a jack of all trades and master of none, but I can't help but believe that at this point. It's easy to say that it is more convenient or economical to have one multipurpose device, but the wasted time from the compromises, and the extra expense to buy all the add-ons that attempt to cover up the compromises end up nullifying the assumed advantages. Stick with your multiple dedicated devices. You'll be happier in the long run.

Besides, now that Microsoft bought Nokia, you'll just regret buying a Surface 2 in a year or so when the first Nokia-made Surface 3 comes out. ;)
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I bought the Surface RT and I think I'm the only person who actually likes it. That said, I will be buying another Win8 device this year. I am leaning toward the Bay Trail offerings- I would love a stylus, but won't pay Haswell prices.

My only advice is to not preorder- I think there will be a ton of options come the October launch and I don't think there will be any problems with availability.

The idea of an bay trail 8 inch Win8 tablet with stylus- yeah baby!
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My self, i plan to price out the Surface Pro 2 i want later today when they go on pre order. Then i am going to take that price and see what i can find from other windows devices that have the same features. the only thing on the Surface Pro 2 for me that i could go either way with is the stylus.

I like the surface, but if i can find another tablet device that offer the same or more for less i am open to getting that device instead. I do like the bundled items (Skype and MS Cloud drive) but un the end i am worried that they priced the device too high for what it is and does.

So, to answer your question i think its a technolust thing but with the Surface in mind i seem the share the same lust for this tablet. And the hope that it will actually deliver everything they promise it will.
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I've been using a Surface Pro (crappy battery and all) for about 6 months. I love it. Best device I've ever used (and I've used them all -- the Motorola Xoom earning the unique distinction of having been broken over my knee).

In spite of very mediocre battery life, the MS ecosystem is critical to my business and this device works flawlessly. I also run the full Adobe Creative Suite on it, and it runs faster than my big, honking desktop. I'm still not sure why.

I can pack my entire business into a super-portable, super hi-res, super-fast tablet with a terrific bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I have become a fan (boy?).

When the Surface 2 comes out, I'll be picking one up. If the Surface 3 comes out after that, I'll get that one too.

It works for me.
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You can answer that question by yourself. I been using windows since then. Upgrading from time to time till I bought new one. People or most people are often curious for the new features in every new launch technology.
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I purchased the original surface and the new surface 2. I also have Lenovo win 8 tablet. I have to say that both the original and new Surface 2 were better devices the then Lenovo. I did notice the slowness of the surface 1, compared to the atom Lenovo, but the surface 2 with the teagra 4 hasn't seemed slow at all. I think the surface 2 is a great tablet. It's not a laptop replacement, but it is better then an iPad.
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