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July 24th 2014 9:55 pm

Where have all my wireless MMO gaming mice gone?

With all the millions and millions of MMO players out there. There seems to be a real lack of wireless MMO gaming mice. As a matter of fact I can name one. The Razer Naga epic 2012 edition. While this is a great mouse it still its flaws. The side buttons are a bit hard to press and can move the mouse from time to time when you press them. The ergonomics leave a bit to be desired as well. While these are are things that have been fixed in the 2014 Razer Naga they have yet to be released in any kind of wireless form. All the competition for these mice are wired. Even at that there are only 2 others that even take a swing at this category of gaming mouse. So I leave you with a question for our gaming community. Why hasn't the hardware market stepped up the game and released what the MMO gamers of tomorrow are demanding?

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I thought that the hardcore gamers stick to wired mice because of response time and 1000MHz polling, along with the fact that you don't have batteries die on you mid game.

Or am I mistaken?
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You are not wrong. Perhaps though I am at another end of the spectrum when it comes to hardcore gaming. Modest though I am. (All sarcasm aside lol) I believe that I've always been a little ahead of the curve when compared to your average consumer when it comes to my computer gaming setup. I have always been a fan of having the lastest and greatest when it comes to gaming.

Currently I game on 3 - 55" Toshiba TVs. I like to sit in my recliner with the keyboard on my lap and my mouse on the coffee table beside my chair. I say this not to brag, well maybe a little lol, but to illuminate the direction technology is headed toward. Eventually I believe that people migrate away from the age old desk with the monitor on it and toward their couch. The age of Home theater computers is upon us. As we move further and further away from our computers wired mice no longer make any sense. That being said. I have been using a wireless mouse for many many years now in one form for another.

Personally I feel strangled by my mouse cord. It's the only device I use that gets picked up and moved around on a minute by minute basis when I am gaming. Having a cord hanging off the back of my mouse throwing off all of my headshots or keeping me from clicking on the next mob in rotation feels unbearable.

The reliability of wireless mouse technology has improved to the point that most gamers that are not e-sports competitors don't have to worry too much about the mouse cutting out. Keeping your battery charged is just another routine I've gotten in the habit of maintaining. As long as you charge your mouse between gaming sessions its not normally a problem. If you plan on playing for 16 hours strait without a break, you should probably have an extra battery on hand anyhow.

If you should so desire feel free to click on the link below and take a look at my current gaming setup. Specs for my computer should be in my signature below my picture.

I have been a long standing member of the Hardocp community. I believe they are a great place to get reviews for the latest and greatest video cards. They do not compete with Engadget reviews. It's apples and oranges. When I want the latest and greatest on consumer news and gadgets there is only one website for me.
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That's a really sweet setup!. I've been a reader of Hardocp on a daily basis, but I haven't participated in the community there.

I totally get where you are coming from with the way that current trends are heading in the gaming space. Perhaps my early experiences with wireless gaming mice were sub-par (or I picked the wrong ones!)

Admittedly my next gaming PC will probably be out of the office and into the living room. I think we are also seeing a trend of controller-enabled games (and will continue to do so with Steam pushing things in that direction) and that may still hinder the need for a wireless mouse for the couch.

Sorry I can't help out with any good suggestions for one, but I hope you find one!
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Looks like Razer finally stepped up and released an updated version of the Razer Naga Epic.
Introducing the Razer Naga Epic Chroma - www.razerzone.com­/gaming­-mice­/razer­-naga­-epic­-chro... Needless to say I have one on Preorder. I will do a full review when it gets in and let you hardware junkies know the deal when it gets in.
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Unfortunately, Razer mice suffer from forced acceleration called "Dynamic DPI Scaling", and it cannot be disabled by the user. My review here:


My first and last Razer mouse until forced acceleration is removed or has the option to be disabled.
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