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June 16th 2014 11:19 am

Where is the Note 8 2014?

It seems that Samsung has released 100 new tablets of all shapes and sizes in the last few months (I think I read 11 to be exact). The only one I haven't seen is the one I've been waiting for - a new 8-inch Galaxy Note. The original came out well over a year ago and I have been holding off on buying a new tablet on the hopes that a new one would come around.

Do you think they are discontinuing this line or are they waiting for the release of the Note 4, which usually drops around October?

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The Note 8 2014 is overdue, and I can only hope that a refreshed tablet is coming out soon. The original offered an excellent form factor and specifications considering the limited tablet options that included an integrated stylus. A refreshed tablet, perhaps using the newer 8.4 form factor and possibly an amoled screen, would be welcomed by many.
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Seeing that the current version was announced in february of 2013 and released in april of the same year we probably should look to that as the schedule for a new release. I love the Note 8 and am hoping it has a successor.
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