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August 27th 2014 4:08 am

Which case is best for HTC One M8

Hey Guys, Recently, I bought one HTC one M8 case, but as you see, the metal case is big trouble to me.Hard to grip the phone. So i decided to buy one Plastic case for it. I find 3 cases online.
  1. DOT VIEW CASE: www.amazon.com­/HTC­-Dot­-View­-Case­-One­/dp­/B00IQIB5YI...
  2. CASECOCO CUSTOM CASE:http://www.casecoco.com/personalized-cases-for-others/htc-one-m8-casecoco-cases-165
  3. Folio Wallet Case :www.amazon.com­/HTC­-One­-Case­-Flip­-International­/dp­/...
Now,confused, which is better? any one with experience with them, pls share your feeling about the case with us !

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In this other thread, people with the phone said the Dot View case is not good:

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I like the third one ,beautiful and good reviews
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One of my colleagues has the Dot View case. I really like it. :)
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I like the 2nd one, unique
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You should definitely look at the STM phone cases. STM makes an amazing case for the HTC One M8 - I found out about STM through the HTC website. The case is called the harbour and it is really protective but not too bulky. I've dropped the phone several times and it has survived without a bump or scratch.


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