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March 15th 2013 7:44 am

Which Ideapad is the best?

I have been looking at the lenovo ideapads (specifically the Yoga series) and was wondering what you thought the best one was?

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The IdeaPad 11 is a good hybrid at an affordable price, but it's limited by Windows RT. We don't recommend buying any Windows RT devices at this point, since it's still unclear whether the OS has a viable future. The Yoga 13 runs Windows 8, and is a very good laptop, though it's much more expensive. The 11S isn't out yet, but all indications are that it will be a good, lightweight Windows 8 hybrid. It will also be more expensive than the RT-based Yoga 11, starting at about $799.
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Yeah I also saw the Yoga 11s. I think it will run full windows but it will be the same Price. I think it comes out later in the year.
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