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November 17th 2012 8:20 am

Which one is better for us ? Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Enterprise ?

Hi guys !

I'm going to buy a Windows 8 for my PC ! But I don't know which one is better for me and better at all !

Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8 Enterprise

Which one do You thing is better and please Tell me your reasons !

Please answer me if you know anything about my question .....

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This is overly simplistic, but . . . if you buy from Microsoft via volume licensing, then you buy Windows 8 Enterprise; and, if you don't buy via volume licensing, you buy Windows 8 Pro.

The somewhat longer answer is that you can get Media Center with Pro and not with Enterprise; and you get features that are not terribly useful to home or most small business users with Enterprise.

If you want a longer answer, talk to your Microsoft account rep or check out en.wikipedia.org­/wiki­/Windows­_8­_editions
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And here is a link from MS for a simpler comparison of the consumer versions of Win 8.


For my personal machines i have gone and upgraded them to Pro which the highest i can go to easily as i do not have access to an Enterprise license.
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Windows 8 Pro (For Enthusiasts & Professionals/Businesses)

Pro is the edition of Windows 8 for the PC enthusiast and business/technical professionals.

It includes everything found in 8 plus features like BitLocker encryption, PC virtualization, domain connectivity and PC management. Definitely geared towards corporate environments.

Windows 8 Enterprise (The Enterprise)

Includes all that Windows 8 Pro has, but geared towards enterprise customers with Software Assurance agreements.

Windows 8 RT (ARM or WOA)

RT (Windows Runtime AKA WinRT) is the newest addition to the list of Windows editions. It is specifically designed for ARM-based devices like tablets, ARM-powered PCs and any other devices that support the ARM architecture and are designed to run Windows 8 RT.

The operating system will be pre-loaded much like a tablet running Android or iOS ships with the operating system preinstalled and configured. It also means that you will probably not be able to load RT onto any tablet or device.

The nice thing about Windows RT is that it offers device-level encryption and the touch-based Office suite as part of the operating system, so you won't have to go buy a copy of Office or worry about data exposure.

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