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December 10th 2013 9:58 am

Which SMS app are you using to replace Hangouts?

I just got my Nexus 5 and I did not like the idea of having my hangout conversations being mixed with my text messages. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. So I decided to download an alternative SMS app and I believe the 8sms is the best app out there right now. It looks just like the original stock messaging app.

Here's the link to 8sms: https:­/­/play.google.com­/store­/apps­/details­?id­=com....

Which SMS app are you guys using to replace Google Hangouts?

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I use Textra, which is from the ChompSMS team. They basically started from scratch with Textra, so it's the cleanest alternate SMS app I've found that allows just the right amount of customization, without any bloat.


The old school ones like GoSMS, Handcent and ChompSMS are full of ridiculous bloat and have gotten pretty far away from the SMS/MMS focus.
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Textra is not too shabby at all. Looks kinda semi-stock-ish if 4.3 was your thing. I consider it a viable alternative for hangouts.
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I originally was against hangouts as well, but now I am used to it. So no app for me to replace it
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I've tried many of them, but Hangouts, since 2.0.2, is the only app that handles a 12k sms conversation without any hiccups and still keep it simple, no gimmicks at all. I'm sticking with it, I don't like to delete texts or way too much annoying bells and whistles.
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I use hello, its clean, simple and minimalist. Try this: https:­/­/play.google.com­/store­/apps­/details­?id­=com....

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Hello lacks the very minimal of features.
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When I was on Android I liked Sliding Messages a lot but I also know a lot of people like Ninja SMS
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i am using a android mobile application called wechat

Jeff Jones
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Why not use the Official Google Voice App? I use it on my iPhone, and back when I had my Galaxy Note. That way you can keep your GV number for people to us...and just see your text's. I guess your handout conversations would still have your text's though...
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GO SMS is definitely the best one. It's incredibly customizable.
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8Sms will do the trick if you want something looking like 4.3 (it *is* compiled from 4.3 sources after all but runs perfectly on KitKat)
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Am sticking to Textra. 8sms is also good.
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I was worried about the integration but within the first week, I found it a comfortable to use and have ended up sticking with Hangouts.

I had installed Textra but got rid of it now.
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Well I use handcent sms , great app since it offers customization in the form of theming , font and emoji packs. It is feature packed check it out.
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