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June 19th 2014 10:36 am

Which XBOX One controller should I buy for PC?

Hi, I'm a PC gamer but I do play a lot of games with controllers, like FIFA or anything that doesn't really require me to point a gun. Up until now I had an xbox 360 wired controller, which was awesome because it worked with any game and was great controller overall (except for the crappy D-pad). It was literally plug and play. Now the LB timely broke, so I'd like to buy an xbox one controller. The thing is that I couldn't find any wired controllers, which is not terribly bad, but really wireless controllers are kind of unnecessary if I'm sitting right by the PC. Anyway, now I have to buy a wireless controller, but there are a number of options regarding charging kits and the like, and I have no idea what they are because I've never owned a console since PS2.

So, if I buy a plain xbox one controller off of amazon, how do I charge it? Is it like AA batteries or a rechargable battery with a USB? What's the difference with the "play and charge kit" option that they offer for $18 more? I see a USB cable and a battery in the pictures (as opposed to just the controller if you don't click on the "controller + play and charge kit" option), but they can't be charging $18 just for a USB, can they? I mean, the other option must have a battery so that's the only difference I can see. Also, I see a lot of third party charging stations for roughly the same extra money (around $20), are they worth it? What's the difference with the charging kit offered with the controller?

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Is there a reason you need an Xbox One controller in particular? It's a bit of a refinement, but our review of the Xbox One notes that the shoulder buttons were a step backwards:


If you don't want to pick up another standard Xbox 360 controller, I'd recommend giving the Razer Sabretooth a peep:

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