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While I think the future for Google TV is promising I think it needs more positive press and praise before Sony does something like that.

SpdRcr55 is correct in that Sony would also want it on their blu-ray standalone players as well, but if you're Google TV I think an attitude similar to Netflix is the way to go. Netflix is on everything, popular or unpopular and the list of netflix ready devices grows every month. Having to buy a specific TV or blu-ray player to get the experience that Google TV wants to bring in the future is simply not enough.

Again the Logitech Revue is a $300 (recently reduced from $400) blu-ray player...the only thing that sell it is the Google TV. Logitech is a fairly small player in the league of Sony, LG, Samsung, etc and they will all want to be included in this 'revolutionary way to watch tv.' Google will also want as many partners in reaching out the Joe Public to make this the simplest way to get the internet on the TV.

To me, none of this is new or revolutionary. Boxee, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, etc all have ways to access media directly from the internet. This seems the most similar to the rise of the Ipod in that MP3 players were nothing new, but only gadget geeks understood them, there was no standard, it was hard for companies to make money after selling the device, yadda yadda. This needs lots of positive press, word of mouth, ease of use, high visibility (think of Ipod posters on subways and commercials over the past 10 years), and consistency.

People don't want to have to buy a new tv. They don't want to have to buy a box to connect to this box and their tv and the internet and pay a monthly fee. But, if you teach, inspire and drill into Joe Public's mind that this is fun and the new cool thing, the price doesn't matter. Google TV needs Itunes the way Apple had people who never bought an ipod using their software because it was the standard. And marketing, lots of marketing, intangible ideas like "opening a world of possibilities" sells. "Imagine the feeling when the internet is at your fingertips" sells. I could go on all day.

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