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October 31st 2013 4:36 pm

Who all just ordered one?!

(I did!)

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I had one in cart, but then I was able to restrain myself from buying it

Got a vacation and some bills coming up and I am gonna be responsible (for once)!

Congrats on your purchase!
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Haha, I know they are so tempting. I sat there with it in the cart for a bit before hitting the order button. Nice work being responsible though, because I wasn't!
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ordered and not so patiently waiting.

I was kicking around the idea of the google versions of the S4 and the One for a while. i even ordered the S4 once but i really think a stock Nexus is the way to go for some people.

Not most people mind you but definitely for the techies out there and myself.
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Yeah, nexus devices are great. I had the N1, 1st Gen N7, and now have the 2nd gen N7, all were arguably the best android devices I have owned. The prices also make them amazing choices. I am leaving my Galaxy S3 (which is also great device) for the N5 now.
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I just got it today and my daily phone has been a Note 3 and i have to say the N5 feels small compared to that.
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