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September 4th 2013 6:10 pm

Who should get Sony QX10 and QX100 and would you want one?


Sony showed off the QX10 and QX100 lens cameras (or cameras within a lens, or camera attachments) for the first time today. These two products were leaked a few months back and made many wonder if there was a market for a smartphone attachment like this.

The QX10 shares an 18 megapixel sensor with the Sony WX150 point and shoot camera and the QX100 shares a 20 megapixel sensor with the RX100II, both of which are good cameras, and they connect to your phone wirelessly through NFC or Wifi. They come with a clip which holds the camera to the phone and lets you control it with your touchscreen.

At $250 for the QX10 and $500 for the QX100 they cost as much or more than many smartphones on contract but they are both cheaper than the cameras they are based on. On the one hand they are an expensive way to make your phone an awesome camera on the other they are a cheap way to get a great point and shoot.

What do you think of the QX10 and QX100? Are they a good way to compensate for poor smartphone cameras or is something like the Nokia Lumia 1020 a better solution?

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I think this is a pretty interesting device, but in the time it would take me to pull it out of my pocket, attach to my phone, initialize ad-hoc wifi, open app, and then shoot the photo, I could just pull out my RX100 and take a photo.

I realize the use case for this is probably to have it strapped onto your device when you know you're going to want to take in some sweet sights. But it seems like a big hassle.
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I really don't think it has to be a hassle at all. I agree with your first paragraph up to the point where you talk about pulling out the other camera. You CAN take pictures blindly with this and not use your smartphone at all. If Sony makes it easy to use, then this is a breakthrough device. It cannibalizes on the processing power that both a camera and smartphone have to take the best of both worlds in the most portable package.

This thing is small and portability is more important than convenience. Portability creates its own convenience.

Buying an advanced camera with a lens is intimidating. The bulky camera body can cost $1000 and each ugly and massive lens can easily run $300 on up to $1000. This makes it a very expensive hobby. So instead people simply use their phone and instagram and make horrid pictures worse.

This is less evolution and more innovation. Don't be scared by something different and creative.
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I think it's very innovative and defines a new category. I applaud the creativity for sure. Without using this personally I'm not sure if Sony nailed the practical part of using this, but the idea makes a lot of sense.

You carry your smartphone all the time. You may have a fancy expensive camera, but because it's so expensive and bulky you never carry it with you. This is something that can fit in your pocket and can be used when "holy crap" happens instead of using your phone to capture the moment. I also like this for events like concerts, sports, etc. Could you connect multiples of these for camera and video shoots? Now that's an idea. Sony needs to sell mounting kits so these can be set up and controlled remotely.

This also looks similar to the Lytro, which was a big hit in stealing headlines (not that I know anyone who would buy it). The form factor for this is great, although I think the marketing and ad people at Sony needs to show someone using it without it being clipped to the phone. Maybe holding up the lens in a crowd and looking down at their phone to snap the picture?

The product idea is fantastic and the pricepoint sounds about right for now. Let's just hope this thing actually works and enough people buy them to further this pushing the envelope kind of thinking.
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I really don't see much of a market for this, but I guess only time will tell. Although I know many who bought the olloclip because it was so cheap (with a "why not?" kinda attitude) and loved it. None of them used it even a month later because it was too much of a hassle to remember bringing it.
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I am extremely interested to see how these cameras work. I want them to take great pictures with and without the phone. I want them to be easy to use. I don't want to have to buy a Sony phone to use them. I say this as a person who has zero interest in buying a DSLR, or other camera that has or can have a detachable lens. I just want to be able to take pictures, quickly that look good and I can share easily.

If the quality of pictures and ease of use are great then I can see myself buying the QX10 for $250. This is the price of a lens for some cameras. It is the price of a point and shoot camera itself. A fantastic idea by Sony and one that I hope does extremely well.
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I recently bought a "used" Sony QX10 and I love it! I travel a lot in my vehicle and its a great way to get an upclose image with my iPhone 5S and the QX10 without having to leave my vehicle! 10X optical zoom with QX10! Fantastic! Sony just recently (early 2014) came out with Rev 2.0 software update and now the video is 1920 x1080 and the ISO range has been expanded. I don't understand the negative reviews! This is a cool gadget to expand my iphone usage. Better than lens attachments that may or may not clip onto your phone depending on your phone case. The sony lens camera fits over most iphone cases due to its springloaded attachment bracket.

Very cool device!
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