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July 4th 2009 1:19 am

Who still plays their N64?

I still play mine every now and then. I was wondering if anyone else does too. I sat down and played Super smash bros., and Super mario 64 for hours the other day. They are still pretty fun, the graphics aren't great, but still.

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Oh man, I remember spending so much time at a friend's house after high school because he had one of these.

Mario Kart 64.
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Bought mine new in box with pod racer at a FYE for $50 in summer of 2006 . We load up goldeneye once in a while but I need to track down accesories for it.
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I can't even remember what i did with mine...but that was one of the best consoles ever...Mario Kart 64 was THE game.....
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Mario Kart 64 is definitely still the best version ever created. I can't stand the gamecube version, and the Wii is just disgusting to drive with. 64 all the way.
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I still play 4-player The New Tetris for hours whenever I get the chance.
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Ive been playing donkey kong 64, mario 64, and hydro thunder w project64, love those games
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Mario Kart 64 and Excitebike 64 - just played this weekend...ha!
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Goldeneye is the main reason, holds up til this day.
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I still play Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64 (I still need to find 10 more stars!), and Donkey Kong 64. They're fun games!! :)
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Its all about Smash Bros., Golden Eye, Mario Kart, and Starfox.
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ugh.. friend borrowed smash a year ago... i keep forgetting to ask for it.
best game for n64. hands down
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been playing Mario Tennis with the girlfriend recently. it gets really intense :)
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Mario Kart 64 was my favorite 64 game, I could just have that one game and three friends and not need any other game for this system. well.... Maybe 007 Golden eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but with the addition of the extra 2 ports on this console it allowed more people to play so it became more of a Party Console. we used to play Bomberman and 007 and Kart for hours!
But I got rid of mine when the Playstation came out because the game I played came with a PocketStation. look it up on Wiki. I used to play Legend of Mana and use my PocketStation to Level up my pet characters (not something that was available on US systems ONLY JP), you would play a series of minigames and when you got home from school you pop in your "PokeSute" as we called it and your character had all these new Items and power-ups! so fun.
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i have War Gods, and still love playing it occasionally ....
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Still love to play Goldeneye!
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I tried playing mine about a month ago, but just had so much trouble with the controller in Goldeneye, since I'm used to newer FPS controllers. I'll have to give it a shot again though.
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I still play fairly regularly. I've had it for years, but for my solo gaming I prefer a PC and it's fine for party gaming. So I never bothered to get a newer console. Super Smash Bros (the original) is still my favorite in the series, and Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis, etc provide plenty to do.
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absolutely. i play emulators with my 360 controllers when i can to preserve the n64 ones, but definitely one of the best systems ever made, game support was unbelieveable
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I dont tend to play the machine but i have downloaded a lot of the games for the Wii virtual console (and paid again)..
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I play super smash and mario kart all the time.
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We still use ours. I bought all sorts of add ons for it like the rumble pack, motion sensor years back etc.

Our kids have a PS3 and 360 but keep coming back to the N64.

The cartridges just load so damn fast, runs quiet, can handle rough treatment, great gameplay, games never seem to get old or boring.
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Man, I haven't played N64 since I was a junior in college. But then, there was really only one game-- GoldenEye.
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I was at Anime Boston a few months ago and they had some N64s in their game room. I sat around playing Mario Kart 64 for a few hours, and won almost every time.
I don't play mine too much now, but when I do play it, it's for long periods of time and I always have fun.
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I played it up till recently when my last controller gave out on me ( Mario Party is rough on that joystick ) but yea I love that old thing. I have the banana controller cover from Donkey Kong 64 and all the add- ons from over the years, the rumble pack, the memory card/rumble pack, the gameshark, the GameBoy adapter ( yea the one from Pokemon stadium ) and other random crap. Gota love how great everything looked as a kid. I still have the SNES and NES sitting in a closet (both of which still work ) and I have never had a problem with any of the Nintendo consoles.
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I've been spending my time and money setting up a video game console display that you can actually play with. I'm trying to play through all the classics. Last game I beat was Starfox 64. That was a blast!
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What no Banjo Kazooie?
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Still have mine hooked up in the front room of my apt.
My rule is,if it still works it stays connected.

I have Banjo in the N64 right now.
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I still play mine! just yesterday i played majoras' mask for 2 hours. and who cares about graphics the games are just as fun.
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mario party for the n64 is still one of the best party games ever if you ask me i still play it when i have freinds over! i also loved starfox 64 and super smash brothers
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