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January 16th 2014 3:34 pm

Why are Apple's third-party game controllers so bad?

The folks at 9to5Mac take a look at Apple's MFi game controller program and get to the bottom of why these game controllers are so bad. Mushy buttons, poor build quality, and let's not forget the biggest thing, a $99 dollar price tag. Ouch!


One issue is that Apple’s MFi program requires manufacturers to source their pressure sensitive analog switches for buttons and thumbsticks from a single Apple approved supplier. An employee of Logitech that worked on the project expressed disappointment with the buttons compared to the company’s other gamepads and noted its first controller, the PowerShell, was put together in haste.

This is really disappoingting, since I do enjoy gaming on my mobile devices. I thought that the influx of new controllers was going to be a good thing for taking mobile gaming seriously (and combine that with things like AirPlay to Apple TV).

Hopefully, Apple will get these issues sorted out in the future. In the meantime, I can't foresee many people paying $100 for a subpar controller.


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I agree that it's tough to get people to shell out, especially because the price of these controllers are rivaling the price of a Nintendo 2DS
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