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November 7th 2012 1:23 am

Why do I get the feeling there are superior tablets that are reasonably priced?? Is it because IT'S TRUE??

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Yes and no.

if the only thing you are taking into account is the hardware then yes you have other tablets on the market that some people would say are better than the iPad Mini.

If this is your 1st tablet and are not invested into any specific ecosystem then yes some people would say that there are superior tablets to the iPad mini on the market.

I would even say that myself. I like the Nexus 7 and may even like the Nexus 10 once i see one.

But to some one that are heavily invested into the iTunes ecosystem where they have purchased music, apps, movies, books, and TV shows to them the Mini maybe the best tablet for its price especially if they think the iPad 2 or the iPad with Retina are too large or too expensive.

For example my parents, not the most tech savvy people on the planet but they do know that when they sees a Blue Ray they want to add to their collection and it says “digital copy” on the box they can watch that movie on their iPhone or on their Apple TV. they won’t even consider a non apple device because they cant watch their shows on it or put the disney movies on it for the grandkids like they can with their iPhones.

So, yes i agree with you that there are lot of other tablets on the market that are better than the iPad Mini. But to the general consumer i i think they will see the Apple commercials and and they will see its the “new” iPad Mini that is 170 bucks cheaper the newest iPad and for them its a done deal.
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I think superior is an exaggeration. I do think there are tablets that offer a better value for specific users. These users are the minority.
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